Friday, December 4, 2009

Harsh times ahead

Burning the midnight oil

It's that time of the academic year. The semester is just at its close and classes are over. And now, examinations have begun.

My exams started yesterday with Caribbean Civilisation, an exam in which I was to write 2 essays in a period of 2 hours. I managed to successfully complete such a task. I studied 3 topics and, with the worst luck imaginable, only 1 of the 3 topics I studied got a question on the exam.

An exam consisting of 8 questions, 2 of which were to be answered. Well, I managed to get the slightest bit of luck back on my side when I saw a question on Creole language, a topic I covered in English during summer school. Not to mention it was a question that I could easily make up stuff for and still get a decent grade for...hopefully. Well, all I require is a "Pass" from the course anyway. Grades won't matter. I'll be getting my 3 credits.

Medical exams begin on the 10th. Four exams to sit in this semester. Three major systems and...another course - medically related, of course.
  • The Cardiovascular System
  • The Digestive System
  • The Endocrine System & Skin
  • Health & The Environment
To everyone in the midst of their final examinations: I wish you the best of luck! Study hard...but not too hard...and be sure to take care of yourselves!


*~Neesh~* said...

Yup, exams are here! O wellz, the faster they come, the quicker they go! =]

Tammy said...

Cant wait till they are over and thanks for the well wishes...same to u :)

P.S still bitter u finish before me and jet off on vacation lol

Miori said...

@neesh: the faster they go, the faster I go too! T-14 days and counting! =D

@tammy: thanks too! when do u finish exams? and i won't be jetting off per say...=P

Mario said...

I do enjoy these school posts more than anythinf else tho really. To digress i'm craving a pizza right now but there is food i believe.
Exams all over again yay!!