Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just a child on the inside

Oh how I love Disney movies! xD

Last night I went to the Drive In with my Mum and we watched Bolt and Bedtime Stories, both of which I enjoyed very very very much! I actually thought Bolt was showing first but they showed Bedtime Stories instead.

Although, somehow I think the person up in that lil control room didn't know what he/she was doing! After Bedtime Stories they started showing it AGAIN. And everyone's like what??? So about a minute into the show people started blowing their horns (me included ^_^). Not only were they showing the wrong movie, but it was blurred and half the movie was off the screen. After about another minute, whoever was up there seemed to finally get the idea and everything went off lolz. So we sat for like 5-7 mins waiting for Bolt to start...during which, impatient people started flashing their headlights.

Apart from the movies themselves it wasn't the best night cuz when I was hungry and wanted pizza they said there weren't making any tonight. Ugh. That and samosas are the only things I really eat from the Drive In and they had neither that night. So I had to settle with they're not-so-good fries *sigh* The food there isn't so great to start with but still...

A friend of mine got a Rubik's cube for Christmas! I was playing with it a little yesterday and now I want one too! Haha fun stuff...I keep wondering how long it would take before I would get frustrated with it though hmm...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sunsets & Roses

Don't you just love how beautiful a sunset can be? =]

I was minding my own business doing important stuff on the net when a friend of mine texted me, telling me to look at the sunset and take a pic for him if I could. I looked at it a few minutes after I got it...and of course I was gonna take a pic cuz I love sunset pics myself. Come to think of it...I think he wrote a poem about sunsets once. It was nice, I liked it ^.^

The sun sure seems to set pretty quickly when it reaches the horizon so I'm not sure if the scene had looked any different from what he saw when he texted was still pretty though =]

One thing I've always wanted to see was that green flash I keep hearing about! I've had at least 2 occassions when I could've seen it but something always distracted me at that very moment and I miss it =[ Oh well...I'll be sure to see it someday!

Monday, December 15, 2008

A New Attempt =)

So, an acquaintance of mine seemed to have decided to go and upset me today and since I don't like to be upset, I decided to write a poem. Poetry writing always makes me feel better...even if the poem isn't much good lol. But of course, I'm still doing what I can to improve =]


Ensnared in my vision
You've run out of luck.
Motivation you will not find here.
This place is a dark gray at its brightest
Filled only with darkness.
Inspiration you will not find here.
What will you do now?
Pain & Agony
Fear & Solitude.
There's nowhere to run.
You cannot hide
From your pitiful self.
You lack courage
You lack strength
You'll find no escape
What were you living for?
Do you know?

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Exams finished on Friday and I couldn't possibly be happier! Vacation has had a good start so far too! Yesterday was my friend's birthday =) We just had a little get together thing at my house and then we went to the drive in to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still and Lakeview Terrace.

The Day The Earth Stood Still was a pretty good movie actually...I liked it =D Lakeview Terrace wasn't too bad...but it got boring after awhile watching the people go at each other over and over again. Ah well...was a good night all in all =]

My mom got Red Eye =[ so I'll be working during the week in her place. It's an alternative health business and since its December, it's our slowest month of the year. Nobody wants to be healthy during Christmas and they're all spending their money on buying gifts than products lol There's always the "gift of good health" haha

I don't mind working cuz there won't be much work to be done. I'll just take a book and read or I'll take my laptop and watch some anime =D I've got a list of anime that I plan to watch during the next 6 weeks or so ^.^

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So, out of the very little studying I have accomplished for the day so far, I ended up writing a poem. This one's actually not based on anything in my life or anyone else I know. It was a fairly random one...I have written one in a couple of weeks but I'm still trying to improve my writing skills. So I hope it's not too bad.


Obsession you say?
I will do all I can to find logic from untruths.
To decode where there is nothing
I will pull every string within my reach.
I will search every mile on this Earth's surface.
I will drill to the core of the planet.
There is nothing that is impossible.
Nothing that i cannot reach.
Obsession you ask?
My obsession is driven by a lie,
By a desire to seek the truth.
I will find all evidence.
There is nothing you can hide.
With a persuasive tongue
All will turn against you
All will see your deception
Those tales you tell will fall on deaf ears.
You have nothing.
You have no one.
You have forgotten honesty
And lost all integrity.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Green Tea

I recently discovered that Barbados sold Green Tea! I don't get out much so I didn't really know...I tried a bottle of the Honey Lemon flavour and it was so yummy, then my mom went on to tell me that they were in the supermarket! =O! So last Friday she bought some and the other day I was drinking a bottle and I noticed a little label stuck on...saying where it came from or something (in Barbados) and noticed writing under the label! So curious me decided to peel it off and......discovered it has caffeine! Is it just me or...should people NOT be doing that?

My mom told me Green Tea normally has caffeine. She sells the actual bags of it. But you can get it without caffeine as well...she sells it with and without so that's how she knew. But why in the world would anyone go and cover that up?? To get better sales? Cuz there are people (like me and my mom!!) who try to avoid alot of caffeine...we wouldn't have ever bought any if we knew. And now that we do, we're not buying it anymore!

Of course, I do drink coffee. Don't get me wrong, I love coffee =] but I don't drink it often at all. Only when I feel like drinking something different. I'm relatively sure that I haven't had more than 10 cups for the year haha.

My life feels like its slowly being drained away from studying this much...I was SO close to having a breakdown last night *sigh* It's nice to have friends to encourage you to continue trying your best =] Love 'em lots <3

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lecturers Know Nothing!

So exam #2 was a whole load of cow poop! I mean...we did the Neuromuscular Junction in a different course (Locomotor System) but NO! Our lecturer just had to go put it on today's test...Embryology! It doesn't even fit into embryology in any way! And not only that, 1/4 of the exam was based on that ONE lecture! DUMB! Really....I can't believe that woman.

And they need to proofread those exams before they feed it to us for us to fail. That way, if we fail, we'll fail because we honestly didn't know the answer...not because we can't understand what our options are. Some of them made no sense whatsoever. And in our Spotter exam...ugh...nobody understood what her questions were asking and it confused everyone. DUMB!

Language barrier...uncool. She should go teach a Uni in Hindi instead or something...she might do better. Cuz here...we can't understand anything she's trying to ask or say...and she doesn't bother to try to listen to what we have to ask or say! And so, again...DUMB!

Honestly, my lecturer is such a sweet little Indian lady...but she can't teach for joke! -sigh- and she's permanent too...for the rest of our medical student careers...-double sigh-...

Well, I've discovered that I always feel very relieved after each exam is over...whether it went good or bad. I'm happy either way cuz it's done and I have less to focus on...and it also means that I'm one day closer to vacation.

I can't WAIT for the weekend to come! =D

Friday, December 5, 2008

Day One

The week full of dread has finally arrived. I had my first exam today and it was just horrible. I'm pretty sure I failed the short answer question section...and hopefully passed the multiple choice....hopefully. I've never felt so awful after an exam before (or during for that matter). I saw words that I'm pretty sure I've never seen before...I didn't learn many drugs and the ones that I did know...weren't anywhere on the exam...DUMB!

*sigh* Motivation for studying for the next 3 exams? I think so. I'd hate to think that I did so horribly and I'd also hate to think that I'm setting myself up to fail. So, despite the lateness of it, I've finally decided to buckle down and do some real studying...something that I should've been continuing since 3 weeks ago but was too lazy to.

Oh! I've got loads to say about my very short trip to NY but...the time it'll take to type it all up, I'll use for studying instead ^_^ And I'll post about my trip next Friday after my final exam =]

Next week's exams:
  1. Introduction to Embryology and Histology - Monday
  2. Molecular Medicine - Wednesday
  3. Locomotor System - Friday
Can't wait for it to be over!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well to be honest, I'm not what anyone would call patriotic. I really don't know much about my own country when I really think about it. Last week was apparently the week to be wearing Independence colours: blue and yellow...well more Friday than the entire week. I wore no such thing! Actually I wore black on Friday, and there IS black in the flag so that could pass as something.

Barbados celebrates its 42nd year of Independence after being under British colonialism for...centuries? Ah my history's a little rusty but let's assume that's right. Sometimes I don't really think we're all that independent when half of our constitution is still like Britain and we our Monarchy is Queen Elizabeth II. Where's true independence in that? So anyways, Barbados became "independent" on November 30, 1966.

My "Caribbean Politics & Society" teacher once clearly pointed out to us, that our own National Anthem doesn't really make much sense and doesn't seem to quite fit Barbados. This is the main part that isn't fit for the National Anthem of Barbados:
"These fields and hills beyond recall
Are now our very own"
Ohh look! Lots of green!'s all...flat! What fields and hills? Fields we have...hills we don't. Out on the Eastern side of the island though, I believe it's a little less flat but, really, I wouldn't say we have hills beyond all. Our highest point is called Mount Hillaby which is 343 m above sea level. Awesome.

Hmm. Maybe I should say some stuff about Bim that I like =) Ummmm...I like the beaches and the weather (although it's been a bit too hot this year) and most of the people here are nice. The island is small so it's easy to go from one place to the next. I love having the privilage of seeing some very gorgeous sunsets and being able to see the various colours produced during a sunset (although I'm told that that just means the world is getting more polluted). All in all, life can be quite simple and relaxing...depending on what you do =]

Yay! I was actually able to list a few things that I like about Barbados. Well I'm sure my list of dislikes is longer but since it's independence weekend I'll be nice =] I'm going to New York this weekend! On Independence Day in fact. I'm sad that we'll only be there for a day before we return but I have to study so I'll live with it =) I'll finally be getting my hair cut too! My hair isn't all that long but I've been growing tired of it recently lol.

I'll see you all when I return! Until good =D
Oh and Happy Independence ^_^

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shades of Grey

Grey's all over the place today. I had an Ultrasonography lecture today and it was fairly interesting...listened to only half of it. I also had an ultrasonography lecture on Wednesday, except that one was at the hospital and it was late =[ All I learned from it is that it takes some real skills to be able to tell what's what when you're doing an ultrasound O.O Sometimes you can't even make out what's what even when they point it out to you...sometimes you can. Can you tell that the ultrasound picture is a liver? =O It's one of the few that I can make stuff out in haha.

The lecturer also brought along an ultrasound machine so she had some people volunteer to be used =) I volunteered my upper limb for viewing =D I thought it was really neat watching the muscles and tendons moved as I moved my shoulder and elbow. And it was even cooler when she showed my brachial artery and followed it up to the axilla. And I learned that veins collapse quite easily so if you press down too hard with the probe you won't see the vein. I also learned that when you hold your breath, blood flow stops in the veins due to the pressure in the lungs preventing the flow. I can't remember the name she told us though =(

My mom didn't make lunch today so I went ahead and bought myself a Chicken & Potato Roti from Chefette. Not anything like a real roti or anything though. Nothing beats the genuine stuff =D When I got home and spoke to my friend, I started thinking that I should've gotten some popcorn chicken from KFC instead since I can't recall ever having it before...oh well, next time! I think this is the most junk food I've had for awhile...

This afternoon decided that it wanted to be rainy! And the rain just couldn't wait till I got home to spread its terror...just before I got to the bank *sigh* At least the temperature is much cooler now =] But lots of heavy rain! And this island floods too easily but I blame the people who constructed our roads, they're made in such a way that it collects water much quicker than it should.

And I came home to find sheep in the plot of land behind my house! Well it's not the first time, but I think it's been awhile. There were only 2 of them...sometimes there are way way way more lol. Poor sheep...standing out in the rain.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fun & Happyness

I went over to a friend's house to play Rock Band yesterday! And it was awesome =D I had lots and lots of fun and I also managed to squeeze in a bit of studying. I remember the names of a good few drugs that I had looked at yesterday so I think I did well =D It was like...5 hours of Rock Band goodness *sigh* but I don't think I played enough lol

Then afterwards I went to the Ship Inn for a friend's birthday. It was loads and loads of fun (after a somewhat boring start). His mom was there for like...2 hours before she finally left us and she wouldn't let him have any alcohol but everyone else at the table she bought for lol it was sooo funny! We came to the conclusion though, that she had told the bartender to make the drinks weak cuz everyone was complaining about that and I'm pretty sure I had the strongest drink at the table...white wine =] not much you can do to make wine any lighter =P Masala was playing...not like I really know much about them but they're pretty cool and they have the most awesome guitarist!!! Well that I've ever =] it was really cool to watch them play.

I also got to talk to a friend of mine about something that had been on my mind for a couple of weeks now and I ended up telling the entire truth about some stuff. *sigh*. I'm not sure if that was the wisest thing to do but now we both know how we both feel and things have gotten complicated again. I just wish we could have a simple friendship without any of our usual complications...just wanna be friends like I am with all my other friends. But I can't help but see him as somebody who's special to me and I don't know what to do about that. I just wish....*sigh*

But all in all, I had a really awesome fun-filled day! =D

Saturday, November 22, 2008

One of those awesome-great days

I got a new bed yesterday! It's so awesome...and huge! My room feels a whee bit smaller cuz of it but that's ok cuz I love it anyways =D My mom also decided to go change my curtains while she was at it lol. It's a queen size! I's so big for such a tiny person such as myself but I like to sleep with the comfort of knowing that it's unlikely for me to fall off =P We also decided to get a new frame as well and it looks really great. Yes, that's right, I like neutral colours. Nice though isn't it?

I also got 2 new bookshelves! My other ones are a bit small and they were filling up and stuff so I got some new ones and replaced the old ones. They look nice...the only thing is that it doesn't go with anything else in the room.The shelves are such a wonderfully dark brown while everything else...isn't. So yea, that's before I packed it with books of course. And the other bookshelf is somewhere else in the room. Ohh I'm gonna have to move that picture behind the shelf...almost forgot.

Finals are in two weeks and I've hardly started studying! I'm such a delinquent...really I am. But, instead of studying, I'll be going to my friend's house to play Rock Band! Well...I'm carring some work with me as well incase I can manage a little study time in there somewhere. But omg! FUN! Hahaha. I can't possibly stress enough how much I'm lacking in that for the past 2.5 months.

Oh! And my laptop's speakers are working like normal again! The sound they were giving off had diminished by like...5/8...and I had to turn it all the way up to hear anything...sometimes I just had to use headphones to make life simpler. But this morning, they just randomly came back to life! I'd like to think that I have a self-healing laptop xD Two years ago, a little child decided that he'd pour fruit punch on my laptop keyboard (and of course, everything that works the laptop is under there) but it was like a miracle! Nothing happened at all, except that the keys were sticky for awhile and I learnt a new feature of the laptop! The only thing that doesn't work anymore is the CD burner =( but oh well, I'll get a new one next year!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Perfect Shade of Purple

I'm still not studying! And I'm quite ashamed of it. *sigh*

I went shopping with my mom this evening. Well she wanted to go for curtains and bedsheets but we ended up buying clothes and jewellery as well, haha. Fun stuff. But I did get a couple pairs of dress pants for whenever I have some semi-formal kind of things to go to for Med so now my wardrobe isn't all casual anymore! We also got this little fake plant thingy that I took a picture of in the dark for some reason. It looked really nice.Today was sunny! Yay! After the many days of rain and getting my car all dirty after washing it..twice *sigh* not much I can do about that I guess. Oh and I discovered I had other friends who didn't know I wrote poems lol I find this so fascinating. I've known these people for like 7 years! So I told him that I wrote a poem called "Boredom" one day and he wanted to read it...helping me realise that I couldn't find it! So I had to go get it from another friend who had it (luckily). So I thought I'd share it =)

I sit here blankly.
Staring into non-existence.
Listening to the howling wind,
Hearing the rustling leaves.
All other sounds echo in my mind.
Seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting
...senses whisked away by a fierce breeze.
Sight comes first.
And the smallest, brightest glimmers of light
Like silver glitter on the dark background
Like stars shining in the night sky.
Silence and darkness enveloping.
What do i do here?
Lost in oblivion,
Where can i go?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Looking Ahead

So, I found out that my friend of 7 years had no idea I wrote poems! So I showed him the ones I wrote yesterday and the some others that I had before and he thought they were all good. Made me feel a little better about them, but I still don't think they're that great. So, my goal is to improve my writing skills!

Just less than a month before the semester is over and I'll be on Christmas holiday! I can't wait! Exams start in 2.5 weeks (boo!) and I haven't started studying for them yet. Gosh I'm so ashamed of myself. Lots of work coming at us in the next two weeks! Hopefully I'll know enough stuff to do really well on the exam. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

I've got a general idea of what I wanna be doing during my vacation. The plan is to pack it full of stuff that I normally can't do during the semester, including: reading, going out (lots hopefully), studying (have to keep up with the work!). I wanna give Twilight a read, since I've been hearing so much about it, I can't help my curiosity. If I like it, which I might, then I'll go on to read the others. And I've been missing my friends so much! I don't see or talk to them's like I'm at a university overseas and we all attend the same one! *sigh* So I can't wait for that =D

I'm just looking for the days to go by quickly. And hopefully time could slow down during vacation. Haha. How likely is that?

Oh and...a new complaint for today! Our Director of Medical Education was telling us that she ordered the books for next semester early so we wouldn't have book problems like we did earlier in this semester. That was all fine and dandy until somebody asked her if it was possible to get the required booklist so that they could get it overseas/online cheaper. And that blew up into this one big disagreement and she didn't even try to be a little flexible about it! She was saying she either orders them or she doesn't...but the bookshop sells books quite expensively and some people can get them for cheaper without a problem so they'd wanna do that. But at the same time not everybody can purchase them online or anything so they'd have to depend on the bookshop. But Dr. Director was going on about how she can't do half and's either or. THEN she went on to insult us saying "You guys aren't business students, you're medical students so let me handle this"

Unbelievable! She practically said that we have no knowledge of anything except medicine. Stupid. As if we don't have common sense to do basic profit and loss! Hmph!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Poetic Me

So today I went to a conference: Continuing Medical Education Conference and spent a good 6 hours there. It was just a series of lectures about varying topics. Most of them were fairly interesting, a couple of them lost my attention and my thoughts drifted and I ended up thinking about how I hadn't written a poem in awhile (since the beginning of April).

I quite miss doing those. It has a relatively relaxing effect on my mind when it comes to some rather emotional issues in my life and since I've been feeling a little emotionally unstable lately I thought I'd write something. I don't think they're that great, I'm very sure I've written much better. But my excuses are that I haven't written anything in ages so I'm rusty with the writing and I've been mentally tortured in the past 2-3 months so that part of my brain doesn't work so well at the moment ^_^


You're My Happiness

Everyday I think of you
In everything I do,
Everything I say.
All my habits
Remind me of you.
Our friendship is my happiness.
Your happiness is my happiness.
Over time,
I know you won't see me
The same way again.
But I know my heart for you
Will never change.
Our history is clear.
Our memories are unforgettable.
I'll love you forever.
And I'll never forget about us.
Will you?



I watch on as the flaky white snow
Falls lightly to the ground.
I watch on as it builds up slowly.
Such wonderful cold weather.
I'm all wrapped up
With my mug of coffee
Doing what I can to keep warm
And I can't help the way
My thoughts drift to you.
Wishing you were here with me
To keep my company
To keep my warm.
I sip my coffee
And stare blankly out the window.
Just thinking of you
Make me feel just a little bit warmer.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Huge sigh of disappointment. I mean...really? Not so great. All the hype about it was for nothing and I wasted both $12 and about 2 hours of my life lol. I could've been studying!...or browsing facebook..whichever =P

The plot didn't really seem like much of one. The bad guys...boring bad guys! I mean...there wasn't anything interesting about them and they're big crimes seemed like little ones. Not to mention there was a little too much action in it. I'm not all about watching action scene followed by action scene and more action scenes. In my opinion, there usually isn't much of a plot when so much action is taking place with no little twists. But then there probably aren't many twists one could fit into a poor plot like that. And where were all the cars? and girls? lol I sound like a dude for saying that but there really wasn't much of either. My favourite part of the movie was when they showed all the awesome cool gadgets and computerisation. So awesome.

So I spent about half the day out shopping with my friend! It wasn't too bad. I actually ended up doing a bit of shopping myself...not much though. I sure did end up finding out how well I could depress myself too (the only bit of drama existing in my uneventful life). Awesome.

We also met this little kid when we stopped by Cafe Blue for lunch. A disrespectful little boy with a rather irresponsible mother. She was apparently shopping and he was tired of it and he was hungry but she wasn't and she wanted to finish her shopping. So they had a little argument at the table I sat at and after getting him food, she just left him. So my friend and I decided we'd keep him company instead of leave him all alone...he was only 8. But boy did that kid have one mouth on him!

So there's my day! Quite interesting I guess. Definitely a nice change to being at home all day long studying. Which reminds me...I should really start studying for finals!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I couldn't be happier to see the week end! I'll be even happier when the semester ends...which I believe will be Dec 12th =) Although, recently, I've been having a slight fear of one of my tests being on Dec 1st, the day I'm returning from New York. I remember our lecturer telling us that it'll be the 2nd but when we got our exam timetable it said the I'm all worried =|

Other than that I had a fairly fun and unproductive day! A few friends and I watched Casino Royale today in anticipation for tomorrow! We'll be going to watch Quantum of Solace at the Drive In and I sooo can't wait! For the first time during the semester, I get to lime with all of my friends and just have some fun! Old friends and new friends, joy! =D

I was surprised to learn that Quantum of Solace was coming out here before America. Huge shocker really since we usually get movies like 2-3 weeks (or up to 1 month) after they're released in the U.S. unless they're big movies. Like, Spiderman 3 and I had heard that Pirates of the Caribbean 3 came out at the same time (I wouldn't know since I was in England that month). Usually the Drive In shows 2 movies a night (unless the 1st movie is really long) but this time it's just Quantum of Solace and it's not even that long. A friend of mine came up with the theory that the people must've spent a good set to get it here so quick...even before the U.S., so I guess that made some amount of sense.

Ah! I haven't really gone out and had fun in so long that I'm so excited, I could jump up and down all day! Tomorrow I'm planning to go do a little shopping with a friend so that'll keep my mind off the movie for a bit! Which reminds me...I wonder if I'll need to fill up on gas tomorrow hmmm...Fuel and cooking gas prices went down! So happy!

I went to pick up my Associate Degree today. The lady who was dealing with me told me the most interesting thing. I apparently "look like a doctor". I think she's the second person to tell me so. The first person was a rep from St. George's University when I went to the College Fair a couple of years ago. Interesting no?

The week that I wanted to end quickly really did..for once. Usually when I want something like that to happen its like time slows down for spite or something haha.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dreams & Reality

I had a dream this morning about anatomy! I don't remember it in much detail. But I was dreaming about a part of the lower limb that I'm sure I hadn't covered yet. It was so odd. Such a pity I can't remember any of it now =( The exam is tomorrow and I'm not ready! *sigh*

Apparently, I'm not the only one having dreams about work in the class =D There was a girl who was dreaming about Molecular Medicine (which was the test we had today) being on another day and she was so relieved and happy and then she woke up. Haha. Then another person was telling us about a girl who had a dream...or more like nightmare...that her Math notebook was chasing her then it got bigger and fell on top of her and then she was in class and all over the board there was Math Math Math. Imagining it was quite funny.

How interesting is it that work can come haunt you in your dreams? =P

The test today didn't turn out to be so bad actually. I left early...something I seem to be doing in almost all our tests. Well, of course I had to guess some of the stuff but all in all it wasn't half bad. I spoke to my lecturer about it afterwards and sounds like a couple of my guesses were right so yay! *does a little happy dance*

Now I'm just DYING for tomorrow to finish and then I'll feel so relieved...only to have to start studying for finals in 3 weeks. I think the exam timetable is up so I'll check it out tomorrow to see if I'll get screwed over from the beginning or if it'll come for me at the end. I'm hoping for the end. And I barely passed one of my exams from last week as horrible =(

The end of the week is drawing near! Yes! Quantum of Solace this weekend! I can't wait to go watch it...and lime with my friends...and have fun...for once. =D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

There are better days...

I thought I could make it through the semester without getting frustrated with the Medical Sciences faculty...but it turns out I was wrong. Since the beginning of the week I've just been so frustrated with everything these people do and don't do. Maybe I should be grateful for their efforts, after all this is a new faculty, but I can't help but feel that they're not doing anything! I went to the faculty office to give them something that they asked me (the I.T. rep) to do, to find the secretary happily chatting on MSN and telling me that what I've been doing for the past 2 weeks for them was for naught.

It wasn't a large task really. I was asked to collect electronic pictures of all the members of the class (40 people) so that they can put it on their file. Mind you, this is nothing that I should have to be doing. Apparently they're too lazy to go to the Admissions department to get these pictures. And I practically had to hunt down some of these students for a simple picture. Gosh.

My anatomy lecturer...she's a very sweet lady...but she can't teach. And it's so unfortunate that she's our permanent anatomy lecturer. She's from India, and she has supposedly taught for 20 years, but it really doesn't show from the way she teaches. I wonder if it's just the language barrier because she seems to be convinced that she's saying one thing when she said another. For example, today she was doing a little review for our test on Thursday and she was saying that dorsiflexion at the ankle locks the knee. Huh? That makes no sense. So someone asked her about that. She's like "I didn't say that!" and then it turned out to be one big long debate over what she did or did not say. And this happens in practically EVERY class with her. Not only that, she doesn't let you finish your sentences and she answers your questions before you reach the 4th word. Ugh.

And then there's the fact that these people bring lecturers from the hospital...LOTS of different lecturers to teach us stuff and they all have different views. So when the exam comes around, these lecturers of ours don't seem to set any of our questions since it seems they never know when our exams are or what is supposed to be on them. They've been doing it for Embryology and Anatomy. And the same lecturer that I mentioned in the previous paragraph is the one who runs those courses, so she's the one setting the questions and she'll give us questions on what the other lecturers told us not to concentrate on. And that frustrates me so much! It just goes to show that there's is virtually NO communication going on within the faculty. Our last Embryology exam had questions about things that we've never been taught. Apparently those grades went up today so I'll check it out tomorrow.

We had over a month of Upper Limb lectures in anatomy and I think about a month for the Lower Limb. That's not right for a good few reasons.
  1. the upper limb has fewer muscles than the lower limb to have to memorise
  2. even though the upper and lower limb have the same number of compartments, in the lower limb the compartments do different things while in the upper limb it's all the same
  3. the nerve supply from the spinal cord is much more complicated in the lower limb with more nerves to remember as well as what muscles they supply.
  4. the foot has a heck of alot of muscles compared to..say..the hand, which by the way I STILL don't know anything about.
  5. we're expected to learn about the leg (from the knee to the ankle) and foot in 2 lectures to be tested on them in the next week along with bone, joint and muscle diseases.
Basically, the lower limb is MUCH much more complex than the upper limb but we spent so much less time studying it. To be expected to know so much in so little time for ONE course is bad enough. But I've got lots of other tests around the same time too so that makes things even harder.

I hate how they pack all these tests in a week or 2 weeks. They've just been throwing tests at us since the beginning of October right up to the second to last week of lectures. There are 2 more weeks left till teaching ends and I cannot wait for that time to go. It also means I get to go to New York for Independence weekend and get some of my med text books and maybe a new phone! I would be so happy for a new one. I'd also be very happy for a new laptop as well since the audio has diminished by a little more than half since last week and I have to use headphones to hear anything properly.

I'm so tired of studying. And I'm so frustrated with our faculty. They just can't do anything properly! I understand it's the first year and all, but they should've been more prepared before they started the programme (I hear they've been planning it for years now...doesn't seem like it to me). We don't have our own building. We don't have our own equipment. We don't have anything that's ours! Not until next year...or so they say.

I feel much better now that I've typed out my frustrations =)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Such is Life

Independence day is on November 30th! I think there was a lighting ceremony in Bridgetown on the 1st of this month or so. During the month of November places around Barbados has up lights and stuff in celebration. Some of them are rather boring and plain and others...are still plain, but more interesting. They decorate the roundabouts along the highway. They've hung up some lights on some of the buildings in town...nothing special just a little yellow and blue. Kinda boring.
Also...the week is over! The week that usually holds all the hard tests! Wasn't a bad week after all actually =] Two more tests next week...with lots of work encompassed so, wish me luck with those! It's like another week like this one but with only 2 tests that are..back to back *sigh*

Back to the books!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Collective

Today turned out to be a really good day! First, my Cell Biology test went better than I had expected so hopefully I did well there...hopefully...sometimes I doubt myself. Secondly, I met up with some friends who I haven't seen in about...forever! Three of my closest buddies, I've missed liming with them cuz it's been months! So we just hung around and chatted for awhile...hours! About 4 hours I! We were all starving by the time we left =P We (and a group of other people making up about...12 in total) have been friends for years now so we've were trying to decide on a group name of some sorts and quite randomly "The Collective" was the name decided on. Fun stuff! =D

I took the above picture when the sun looked like it was setting. It looks so nice, you'd never think its our lame looking uni! Hahaha

Two more tests this week, and two next week.
I'm looking forward to Christmas break. =D

Sunday, November 2, 2008

"What Team?" "Wildcats!"

High School Musical 3 was soo amazing! I went to the drive in last night and watched that along with Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which by the way, turned out to be funnier than I expected.

I couldn't believe how many people were there, the drive in was just packed full will all these little critters for children running around, making noise and climbing on their parent's rooftops like monkeys. I'm glad they know when to be quiet though otherwise I would've really been annoyed. I hadn't expected the drive in to be so full. Of course, I was expecting the majority of the audience to be children but...not so many. The snackette always seemed to have an extremely long line, even during the movies, so I ended up not eating. But at least we bought some Chefette and ate it when we got there (but I still got hungry).

The songs were so great and the dances wowed me, I absolutely loved them all! I wasn't really expecting it to be that good but I think that was the best of the 3.

Ah today's gonna be a busy day. Have to study for my test tomorrow (which I haven't really started but we had the lectures last week so they're kinda fresh in my mind), do some work for my mom, wash the jeep, and study for other tests if I can.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've been having some fairly odd dreams lately...and I don't mean odd in content. The dreams themselves seem to be perfectly nice dreams. But lately I just feel like I'm actually living in my dreams...I'm not sure how to describe it. I sorta feel like I'm really emotionally connected to them, like when really good things happen I feel all happy inside and I'll wake up happy and stuff. They just feel so realistic. Well...I don't usually feel in my dreams that's why its odd for me. Does that happen to anyone else?

I had a dream one night where I met someone that I've never met before and I got to know them and was so weird cuz I've never really dreamt of people I never met before. I still remember what he looks like quite clearly and he seemed fairly easy to get along with. Odd...

Oh! I don't have to go to Uni today! It's a miracle =O

Our lecturers have workshops today and we apparently had a 2 hr class this morning from 8-10 a.m. but since our lecturers are so wonderful and negotiable, we got that lecture moved to tomorrow 10-12 instead =] As such, that leaves our entire day free of work and saves a good few people in our class the trouble of having to travelling up here for 1 lecture.

Although, at the same time I can't help but think that people who live here are quite lazy (and I'm sorry to say that that includes myself). Lots of people always complain about having classes at 8 a.m. and having to wake up early to get themselves ready for it. This is a very small island so, honestly, nothing is really very far. Yet, if someone lives on the other side of the island it's "soo far away". I'll admit though, that for people who have to take the bus to get to an 8 o'clock class is rather...troublesome. The buses here work in a ridiculous fashion, especially out in the country. Poor souls. Although, if one were to drive that distance it would take no longer than 40-50 mins without traffic (unless you drive super slow or something).

Oh well, I should really be spending my day wisely...studying and the works since I've got 3 exams coming up next week (oh yay -_-)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Celebrate or Contemplate?

So, this morning my cellphone gave me a little alert reminding me of a birthday Grandmother's. She died in January this year. It was kinda depressing.

I was just sitting in class and I checked my cell and realised it gave me a little birthday alert. I was wondering who's birthday it was cuz I know 2 of my friends have birthdays coming up but I didn't think it was so soon. Turned out to be dear Gran's birthday...or what was supposed to be her birthday. I also found out that one of my friends lost a close family member over the weekend or today or something and I just felt so sad =( I guess I sorta had an idea of what she was going through cuz all I could think about was all the events that occurred around my Gran's death. It was really sudden and she lived in Trinidad so nobody really saw it coming. A week later, I was in Trinidad crying my heart out.

*sigh* Such is life. Dying is something that happens to everyone, but it's hard for close friends and relatives to accept sometimes. I miss my Gran =( I hadn't been thinking about her much recently until today.

After being a bit sad about today, I started to think about all the wonderful things that I could think of...all the great memories I shared with my Gran. To me, it's always nice to think about things like that...helps keep the person alive in my heart and keeps me from getting down about it.

Love you, Gran. =]

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"You Will Obey...Desertion Is Not An Option"

Omg I watched Eagle Eye today and it was so very awesome! The action scenes were amazing and I just couldn't believe who was behind the whole charade. The storyline was excellent. Absolutely amazing. I sooo want this on DVD. I want "Wanted" on DVD too actually =]

I can't wait till next weekend to watch HSM 3. Something to look forward to. I don't care that I'll have 3 tests the following week..I really wanna watch it. I'm watching stuff while I can make the time! =D

Speaking of work and Uni...I can't believe its been 2 months since it started already. It's just another 4-5 weeks till exam finals and then Christmas! Ah how time flies!

My hair's getting so long! The longest it's been...ever! It's almost half-way down my back...almost a pity I'll be cutting it at the end of November. It only occurred to me that maybe I should take some pics so I'll have memories of my hair being this I did. Awesome =] The pics turned out quite nice but cuz of the lighting it looked like I had red streaks or something in my hair.

So anyways I had a super nice day today. Had a friend over for lunch, watched a great movie. Got to dress up a little to go out. Haven't done any of that stuff since the weekend before Uni started. Fun fun.

I can't believe the weekend is over already. Boo =[

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Weekend Arrives!

I had a most super fun Friday evening this weekend! Such a dandy start to things =] Classes finished at 12 then me and my buddies were just liming and stuff...and I learned to do more stuff on a guitar...I'm so proud of myself =D So after our little lime I went off with some other friends to get a bit of studying done...and it was just a BIT that we really did get done between 5 and 11 pm. It was loads of fun and we went for pizza and stuff like that =]

It was such a wonderfully sunny day (sunny but surprisingly not baking hot) so I decided to take some pics of the view we get on campus. Aren't they pretty? The first one is the admin building with an ocean view and the other is a view of Bridgetown, our main "city". It's so small...and I never really realised there was so much greenery around there until just recently =O

This morning my mom told me that the drive in is supposed to be showing High School Musical 3 next week and my jaw dropped! I was sooo surprised and happy, that made my morning and now I'm all excited! I'm gonna study hard all week long and reward myself with HSM 3, yayness!!! I really wasn't expecting it to be brought out here.

This weekend is turning out to be pretty good =D I didn't even take any of my cough meds yesterday and my coughing wasn't so bad, I'm so happy for the improvement. I'd been coughing for about 4 weeks or so now! It was getting frustrating and worrisome..but I'm getting better and it's finally going away so that's another thing to add to my wonderful weekend so far =]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Come over to the Dark Side...I dare you!

Huh? What?

No clue where that came from...I swear! Honestly...I'm not psychotic or anything.

But I did have a super fun and interesting lecture today from a psychiatrist and I heard stories about people who are =)

I also learned that "antisocial" is another of the most commonly misused words in the English language.
Anti = against;
Social = society;
Antisocial = against the laws of society.
So when we say that people are "antisocial" we really mean "asocial".
A = not
Asocial = not social =]
And I also learned that SOME cases of marijuana use can somehow lead to schizophrenia in long term use =O Who knew?

Ah yes, the most interesting class of the day. I was supposed to have 2 free extra hours today before my class at 2 p.m. but that didn't quite happen since TWO lecturers decided they wanted to teach us cuz they didn't finish they're lectures before (it's not my fault that they can't keep time!) and hence I had 4 straight hours of lectures from 8 a.m. = 12 p.m.
Combine that with trying to understand about a hundred different concepts in relation to Molecular Medicine for an in-course exam tomorrow and you'll feel my exhaustion =(

I like Molecular Medicine and all...but having lectures for an entire course in a span of 3 weeks is just not right. Then having to study half the course in a week and the other half in another 2-3 weeks for in-course exams while having to study for 3 other exams in the week before the 2nd exam is just too much.

Too much I say!! head might explode, as well as the 40 other people who are doing this Med thing. The sacrifices we have to make to become doctors...And its only the first 2 months...what's gonna happen in the next 5 years? O.o

I'll probably just go mad. Watch out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Like the back of your hand" can you say you know the back of your hand? If you can...then by all means do tell! Ever since I had an anatomy class on the hand, I've been wondering about that...not that I haven't before, but since that lecture I can't help but wonder. Telling someone to know something "like the back of your hand" is a phrase you will probably never hear from me unless your a medical student or something because, I don't know the back of my hand! I'm gonna need to know it in a couple of weeks though for my next anatomy exam, so maybe then I can say that I do =)

I don't really like anatomy so much anymore now that my favourite lecturer has gone off =( I have a new one and she's not all bad but she seems to have a problem with staying on a particular topic o.O Although I had a different lecturer teach the Gluteal Region this afternoon and I thought it was pretty good! I really liked that lecture. He may be a sexist and a bit on the perverted side (which is well expressed in his somewhat raw humour) but he's still good at teaching and I'm happy about that. Plus I get a few laughs in too =D

I've been wondering about this blog...since its new and all that, I'm posting on it just about everyday and I'm finding it quite fun which is weird cuz I'm not one who particularly likes writing stuff persay. I'm definitely not a writer of any sort. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the English language, it actually frustrates me sometimes =( But this blogging business is fun! I see it as a small outlet for...random thoughts or frustrations or anything of the sort =D

And so, with that I end this with a rather pretty little scene that I managed to snap from my study room ^.^ I know the quality doesn't look all that great but I took the pic behind a mosquito net! I was too lazy to walk outside =P

Monday, October 20, 2008

Uni and such goodness

I found this pic on my computer today after just randomly searching through folders. This one is from one of those island tours and I never really realised that we had such neat little cave formations. I mean...Barbados is made of limestone and there are caves all over the place but its so neat to actually SEE them like that. Am I the only one who's so fascinated over it? Hmm...

So anyways, good stuff happened today! So here it is in a nutshell:
  • Our cadavers have finally arrived from Jamaica! of the cadavers at least. The upper and lower limbs. And we've only got 2 of each. These limbs we have are apparently ON LOAN to us from the Mona Campus. How silly is that??
  • I found out what I got in 2 of my test grades so far! We've done 4 tests, and #5 is on Thursday =(. But I did surprisingly well on them! Cuz they were really hard and I thought I would've done horribly but I got an A in one and a B+ in the other. Not bad for my first tests as a med student no? =D
Ohh I'm hungry...I should probably go see what's for dinner or something...And then...back to studying for more good grades!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Modesty is Just So Hard To Find"

Guess where this title came from? =O Nowhere else but the Jonas Brothers' new single Lovebug! It's just about my fav line in the song =]

The music video for Lovebug premiered tonight! And the guys were so wonderful to upload the music vid on youtube for those of us who don't have Disney me! I'm just so excited about watching it that I had to post it!

I think it's really sweet how the vid is set back in the...was it the '40s? My memory has gone and failed me again, how sad. Well it's somewhere around then. A sweet little love story about a sailor and his wife. I think Camille Belle looked rather beautiful too =) Lots of scenes with Joe and Nick...not so many of Kevin...guess it's cuz he doesn't do much of the singing. Somehow...i felt alot of passion in this music video. In my opinion it was rather well done for something that was shot in a span of..what?..3 days? Pretty good don't you think?

Life's Little Frustrations of the Day

I've had this rather persistent cough going on for the past 3-4 weeks and its starting to really irritate me! Somebody please make it go away =( it sounds absolutely horrid. I just drank down some rather delicious (not) Senega & Ammonia...and I didn't quite add enough water...sooo now I've got this lovely ammonia taste lingering at the back of my buccal cavity O.o

I didn't really cough much yesterday...which is great...Senega works like magic...but I have noo idea where or why the coughing decided to start back up again =( Why is it that just when you start to feel better...something just has to come along and take a nab at you? That's not cool at all...
Not to mention, medication itself don't seem to have a very beautiful effect on my skin. I get the idea that I'm somewhat prone to skin problems...mostly liver spots and acne. Whenever I start taking medication, whether it may be antibiotics or just plain old cough meds, liver spots just pop out of nowhere on my back o.o quite unattractive little things they are. If I were less tanned, I probably wouldn't see them so much...

I woke up this morning feeling so groggy, it's not even funny. Sleeping in late and waking up late makes you feel so much more tired than matter how many hours of sleep you get. Horrible really. But I felt like I had a headache preparing to pounce on me or something...I was feeling a little woozy too. Was a little weird. Thank goodness that went away...I was so afraid it would stop me from studying. Which I managed to get done btw! Yay! I'm gonna go back to it just now..I decided to take a little break and make a little blog about...well...nothing really...

I also decided to add a video or two to my iPod. Since this silly University of mine is quite lacking in cadavers for us to do some proper anatomy, I managed to get a hold of this lovely little DVD which had cadaveric demonstrations on it =D so, I decided I'll put the parts that we'll be studying this semester...which would be the upper and lower limbs. And if I'm ever somewhere without a book to study and I'm waiting around doing absolutely nothing, then I'd take my iPod and watch some anatomy! Ingenious idea isn't it? Since I tend to have my iPod with me wherever I go =)

I've got a Molecular Medicine test this Thursday. Then I've got 3 more tests next week. How depressing is that? So many tests, so much work to cover, so little time. Absolutely ridiculous.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Opening Act

Soo, never used blogspot I guess you could say I'm totally new to it =] Not totally new to the whole blogging idea at least! I've never really been one to keep up with blogs...I start one, continue for awhile..get bored...start another...I actually haven't had a blog in awhile. But every so often it's nice to have a little place of my own to come to where I can just vent a little or just be randomly random =D

I should really be studying right now. I haven't really studied for the awful...instead I've been floating around the net and ended up doing this! But really...I need to study...