Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just a child on the inside

Oh how I love Disney movies! xD

Last night I went to the Drive In with my Mum and we watched Bolt and Bedtime Stories, both of which I enjoyed very very very much! I actually thought Bolt was showing first but they showed Bedtime Stories instead.

Although, somehow I think the person up in that lil control room didn't know what he/she was doing! After Bedtime Stories they started showing it AGAIN. And everyone's like what??? So about a minute into the show people started blowing their horns (me included ^_^). Not only were they showing the wrong movie, but it was blurred and half the movie was off the screen. After about another minute, whoever was up there seemed to finally get the idea and everything went off lolz. So we sat for like 5-7 mins waiting for Bolt to start...during which, impatient people started flashing their headlights.

Apart from the movies themselves it wasn't the best night cuz when I was hungry and wanted pizza they said there weren't making any tonight. Ugh. That and samosas are the only things I really eat from the Drive In and they had neither that night. So I had to settle with they're not-so-good fries *sigh* The food there isn't so great to start with but still...

A friend of mine got a Rubik's cube for Christmas! I was playing with it a little yesterday and now I want one too! Haha fun stuff...I keep wondering how long it would take before I would get frustrated with it though hmm...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sunsets & Roses

Don't you just love how beautiful a sunset can be? =]

I was minding my own business doing important stuff on the net when a friend of mine texted me, telling me to look at the sunset and take a pic for him if I could. I looked at it a few minutes after I got it...and of course I was gonna take a pic cuz I love sunset pics myself. Come to think of it...I think he wrote a poem about sunsets once. It was nice, I liked it ^.^

The sun sure seems to set pretty quickly when it reaches the horizon so I'm not sure if the scene had looked any different from what he saw when he texted was still pretty though =]

One thing I've always wanted to see was that green flash I keep hearing about! I've had at least 2 occassions when I could've seen it but something always distracted me at that very moment and I miss it =[ Oh well...I'll be sure to see it someday!

Monday, December 15, 2008

A New Attempt =)

So, an acquaintance of mine seemed to have decided to go and upset me today and since I don't like to be upset, I decided to write a poem. Poetry writing always makes me feel better...even if the poem isn't much good lol. But of course, I'm still doing what I can to improve =]


Ensnared in my vision
You've run out of luck.
Motivation you will not find here.
This place is a dark gray at its brightest
Filled only with darkness.
Inspiration you will not find here.
What will you do now?
Pain & Agony
Fear & Solitude.
There's nowhere to run.
You cannot hide
From your pitiful self.
You lack courage
You lack strength
You'll find no escape
What were you living for?
Do you know?

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Exams finished on Friday and I couldn't possibly be happier! Vacation has had a good start so far too! Yesterday was my friend's birthday =) We just had a little get together thing at my house and then we went to the drive in to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still and Lakeview Terrace.

The Day The Earth Stood Still was a pretty good movie actually...I liked it =D Lakeview Terrace wasn't too bad...but it got boring after awhile watching the people go at each other over and over again. Ah well...was a good night all in all =]

My mom got Red Eye =[ so I'll be working during the week in her place. It's an alternative health business and since its December, it's our slowest month of the year. Nobody wants to be healthy during Christmas and they're all spending their money on buying gifts than products lol There's always the "gift of good health" haha

I don't mind working cuz there won't be much work to be done. I'll just take a book and read or I'll take my laptop and watch some anime =D I've got a list of anime that I plan to watch during the next 6 weeks or so ^.^

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So, out of the very little studying I have accomplished for the day so far, I ended up writing a poem. This one's actually not based on anything in my life or anyone else I know. It was a fairly random one...I have written one in a couple of weeks but I'm still trying to improve my writing skills. So I hope it's not too bad.


Obsession you say?
I will do all I can to find logic from untruths.
To decode where there is nothing
I will pull every string within my reach.
I will search every mile on this Earth's surface.
I will drill to the core of the planet.
There is nothing that is impossible.
Nothing that i cannot reach.
Obsession you ask?
My obsession is driven by a lie,
By a desire to seek the truth.
I will find all evidence.
There is nothing you can hide.
With a persuasive tongue
All will turn against you
All will see your deception
Those tales you tell will fall on deaf ears.
You have nothing.
You have no one.
You have forgotten honesty
And lost all integrity.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Green Tea

I recently discovered that Barbados sold Green Tea! I don't get out much so I didn't really know...I tried a bottle of the Honey Lemon flavour and it was so yummy, then my mom went on to tell me that they were in the supermarket! =O! So last Friday she bought some and the other day I was drinking a bottle and I noticed a little label stuck on...saying where it came from or something (in Barbados) and noticed writing under the label! So curious me decided to peel it off and......discovered it has caffeine! Is it just me or...should people NOT be doing that?

My mom told me Green Tea normally has caffeine. She sells the actual bags of it. But you can get it without caffeine as well...she sells it with and without so that's how she knew. But why in the world would anyone go and cover that up?? To get better sales? Cuz there are people (like me and my mom!!) who try to avoid alot of caffeine...we wouldn't have ever bought any if we knew. And now that we do, we're not buying it anymore!

Of course, I do drink coffee. Don't get me wrong, I love coffee =] but I don't drink it often at all. Only when I feel like drinking something different. I'm relatively sure that I haven't had more than 10 cups for the year haha.

My life feels like its slowly being drained away from studying this much...I was SO close to having a breakdown last night *sigh* It's nice to have friends to encourage you to continue trying your best =] Love 'em lots <3

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lecturers Know Nothing!

So exam #2 was a whole load of cow poop! I mean...we did the Neuromuscular Junction in a different course (Locomotor System) but NO! Our lecturer just had to go put it on today's test...Embryology! It doesn't even fit into embryology in any way! And not only that, 1/4 of the exam was based on that ONE lecture! DUMB! Really....I can't believe that woman.

And they need to proofread those exams before they feed it to us for us to fail. That way, if we fail, we'll fail because we honestly didn't know the answer...not because we can't understand what our options are. Some of them made no sense whatsoever. And in our Spotter exam...ugh...nobody understood what her questions were asking and it confused everyone. DUMB!

Language barrier...uncool. She should go teach a Uni in Hindi instead or something...she might do better. Cuz here...we can't understand anything she's trying to ask or say...and she doesn't bother to try to listen to what we have to ask or say! And so, again...DUMB!

Honestly, my lecturer is such a sweet little Indian lady...but she can't teach for joke! -sigh- and she's permanent too...for the rest of our medical student careers...-double sigh-...

Well, I've discovered that I always feel very relieved after each exam is over...whether it went good or bad. I'm happy either way cuz it's done and I have less to focus on...and it also means that I'm one day closer to vacation.

I can't WAIT for the weekend to come! =D

Friday, December 5, 2008

Day One

The week full of dread has finally arrived. I had my first exam today and it was just horrible. I'm pretty sure I failed the short answer question section...and hopefully passed the multiple choice....hopefully. I've never felt so awful after an exam before (or during for that matter). I saw words that I'm pretty sure I've never seen before...I didn't learn many drugs and the ones that I did know...weren't anywhere on the exam...DUMB!

*sigh* Motivation for studying for the next 3 exams? I think so. I'd hate to think that I did so horribly and I'd also hate to think that I'm setting myself up to fail. So, despite the lateness of it, I've finally decided to buckle down and do some real studying...something that I should've been continuing since 3 weeks ago but was too lazy to.

Oh! I've got loads to say about my very short trip to NY but...the time it'll take to type it all up, I'll use for studying instead ^_^ And I'll post about my trip next Friday after my final exam =]

Next week's exams:
  1. Introduction to Embryology and Histology - Monday
  2. Molecular Medicine - Wednesday
  3. Locomotor System - Friday
Can't wait for it to be over!!