Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun Times

Yesterday morning I went to Town to meet up with a couple of my friends. One of them was leaving to go home to St. Vincent for the month before the next semester starts, so we were meeting up before he made his way. My other friend chose Bridgetown as our meeting venue, just to walk around and stuff. As far as I'm concerned, there's little to do there.

I actually don't like town very much. Not to mention, we went on a Saturday so there were a lot of people around. It was hot, as one would expect. But I'll admit, it wasn't as hot as it normally is (not in the morning anyway) so I was thankful for that much at least =D I tend to do my best to avoid going to town, since I can get just about everything I need outside of it (thankfully!)

Town is usually boring, hot, crowded and small...and there's absolutely nothing I like about it. But I decided to go anyway and I actually enjoyed myself! The three of us spent a good set of our time in Italia Coffee House poking fun at each other and sipping down Frescante Espressos!

Across the street from Italia Coffee House

We were looking at this building and thinking that it was weird cuz the railing said "Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society". Something no one would've noticed unless they were sitting down and staring at us. One corner of the building, also inconspicuously written, was something about the building being around from 1840...I think. Yet the little triangular piece at the top of the building has "1894". The 1800s...what a long time ago. Before Barbados got its Independence. Back in the plantation days, I guess.

We visited "AnimeSpot", a little store selling anime andmanga and was setup for playing anime games. Quite little. And filled with testosterone. But there wasn't much in there. Not much at all. Independence Square was our third stop. It's quite nice now. Didn't used to be so pretty with a fountain and all. We hung around there taking silly pictures and stuff. I was forced into the picture taking silliness...*sigh*...I prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it though! Ah well...sometimes it's hard to get away =]

Part of Independence Square and beyond...

Yesterday was quite possibly the most fun I've had in Town...ever!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


About 2 months ago, I was watching the first season of an anime called Clannad. I really loved it too. It was cute and totally random and strange (certainly kept me laughing) but I loved watching the characters develop in their own way. There are two seasons to the series: the first, simply entitled Clannad, mainly took place in high school; the second, entitled Clannad After Story, had a little more school but then graduation came...along with living and independence. I decided to start off my official Summer vacation with Clannad After Story and ended up finishing it in the same day.

Clannad After Story was really the most touching of the two, I think. Maybe it's because it shows how different life after high school can be. I was smiling, laughing and crying quite equally throughout the series. Never really expected to cry, but then, I wasn't expecting the plot to be so deep. It looks like an adorable anime that one would watch when one's bored but it turned out to be something more. One thing I really liked about it.

From Clannad After Story

It's not filled with action, like Bleach. It isn't extremely humorous, like Yakitate!! Japan. And it certainly isn't filled with extreme tactics and intelligence, like Code Geass. So I'm pretty sure this anime wouldn't be so appealing to lots of people. After all, it's just about a bunch of people in high school and whatever happens to them afterward but despite that, it's not as simple and boring as it sounds. Many of these characters have problems that made them into who they were and together they pulled through the challenges, supporting each other along the way.

This has definitely become my favourite anime!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Our only living tree which has yet to bear any fruit and some ficus plants that aren't growing too well.
A uniformly cloudy sky and some not-so-green grass beyond our fence.

There's apparently a not-so-little system hanging over Barbados and from the satellite pictures I've seen, looks like our lovely weather may persist for a couple more days. Of course, I'm not one to predict the weather, after all, I'm a medical student not a meteorologist but that's just my very vague amateur's guess. =)

While the skies throw water down onto the earth keeps the temperature far from sizzling, I did only just wash the SUV yesterday. If the rain keeps up till tomorrow, it'll get all dirty again =( That's the part I don't like. Not to mention, I just realised that another downside of a lot of rain means that there are more millipedes trying to make a home out of my own home. Not well appreciated by one who's got a phobia of anything with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many legs o.O *shudders*

Other than that, I love the rain. We don't get it often enough and at least it keeps are soil from going dry and us from having to water them every day so that what few plants we've got living around the house don't die. =) But then again, this flat little island doesn't do well when too much rain falls at any one time. Areas get flooded out pretty badly after a day, or even a few hours, of heavy rain. Too flat. I live on a hill so I don't get that problem much.

Despite it all, I'm in love with the rain anyways. =)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Over the canefields

We went mini golfing the other day and it was loads of fun! I was actually a little afraid that it would rain since it was overcast but the weather in Barbados is so iffy, it's just not so predictable sometimes. Luckily for us, the rain didn't come till we were done with the course 2 hours later.

We were at about hole 8 when a friend of mine pointed out a good set of green beyond the fence. I didn't realise there was a huge canefield next to the miniature golf course. There was so! It's nice to see so much green sometimes =] It's so hot and there's so much sun that lots of our grass ends up...not so green.

...two tall lone trees standing in the distance...

My last exam is Tuesday morning. It's an essay that I've already written and just have to re-write. Sounds like the easiest exam. Ever. Except that I have a bunch of citations that I'll need to memorise. Should be easy enough. And then...I can finally have myself a real summer!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ice Cream Bowl!

I'm such a sucker for adorable things! I was in PriceSmart with my Mom earlier today and she saw these cute ice cream bowls that came with little spoons. I was like "Oh Oh Oh!! We have to buy that!" She was like "Are you sure?" Then she took it up anyways. She adores it just as much =D

We don't even have ice cream very often. Just every now and then as a little treat to ourselves. In fact, when we went to Supercentre afterwards, I saw her looking at ice cream lol and we bought a little one x3 So, the little bowls won't be just for show!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bonds That Tie

*Lost In Thought*

Many people have some vague idea of what a "true friend" is. But what really makes a person a "true" friend? People change, whether they know it or not, and it will always have an effect on current relationships. Priorities and ambitions set people apart. Interests become the dividing lines. Everyone is either a stranger or an acquaintance but who can really be called a friend?

Friendship isn't a one way avenue, is it? One person shouldn't be the only one making the trips, spending the money and making the calls, should they? People grow apart as they grow up, or grow closer together depending on how they change as they walk their paths. One may be ambitious and may have priorities set straight, while the other may be the complete opposite. As we grow up, we move on from our childhood and we learn responsibilities. Life evolves slowly as each path is laid before us and we move forward. We say we'll keep in touch, but how strong are these bonds really? How long do these feelings last?

I don't know how long I can maintain the bonds I hold with those I call friends now. Many years have passed us together, and I'd like many more to come and go in the same fashion but nothing remains the same. How many people are "best friends forever" or "friends for life"? I don't think there are many. But all I'll do is treasure every moment and memory that I spend with my friends and pray that they last for many years.

Live In The Moment. Live In The Present.