Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's that time of the year...

...when I get gifts and people say "Happy Birthday!" all over the place! =D

So what did Miori do for her birthday?

I had this huge lime at my house with friends and family and family friends! All in all there were probably somewhere are 50 persons there. That's a pretty full house! There were children all over the place and about 12 of my friends and my 14 yr old cousin's 7 friends, aunts and uncles and Mum and Dad! That turned out to be one long tiring day but I had a super awesome time =] 

And I got gifts too! From my Dad and my friends. Of course, as people get older the whole idea of presents isn't really as big as when you're a lil kid but my friends put some money together to get me a gift this year and it's so awesome =D So I got a wonderful lil DS Lite with Pokemon Diamond and Platinum! The little girl inside just jumped for joy! =] And I got a cooling pad from Danny! It's so cool..it lights up blue when it's plugged in xD He's been wanting to see how cool it looks but I forgot to take a pic and my cellphone camera doesn't work so I can't do it right now =( Next time!

So that was all on Sunday, the day before my birthday =] On the actual day, I went to a full day of classes (yay >.>) then I went home and started using my awesome new DS and started playing Pokemon Platinum! So I've got me a start there, I have to remember to get the key for Rotom to switch forms before the end of the week though =o After short DS play, I had to get ready to go to dinner with my parents. We went to this restaurant in a hotel that my Mom though would be nice. It really wasn't so great.

The service sucked...it was just so unprofessional. About 3-4 times during our meal, the waitress-lady-person was like "You OK?" Err...that's not how you ask a question in proper English. And the menu wasn't great either, I had to request shrimp separately with 2 side orders: lemon basmati rice and vegetables. So they gave me 3 bowls to eat from. Why couldn't they put it all on one plate since I made the order as a single meal not 3 orders! Then the food didn't even taste all that great. *sigh* But I had a great time with my parents, so it was still a pretty good evening.

All in all, I had a really good birthday this year! Thanks to all who made it so wonderful =D

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Mario said...

I've also been to a restaurant in a hotel and it wasn't very good either. Tho i did enjoy the appetizers, it was too much!! and then the main course, i think i had beef or something. wasn't bad but too full from the starters. I love Champers tho. I'll be eating there in future again.