Sunday, April 26, 2009

Study Habits

Hurray for random pictures of the sky =]

Old habits are as hard to break as ever. I wish new habits could ever so easily override the old ones! 

Last semester I did really well not to do a lot of cramming and it went so very very well. I came out with surprising results actually. This semester I've somehow reverted back to my old ways after a good 3 months of teaching myself a great method to study and keep up with work. Why are bad habits so hard to break? =[

I have to go back to the methods I used last semester. It more or less cut out quite a bit of the social aspect of life like messenger, Facebook, etc but I'll just have to get to it. At the end of the day, all the time I wasted on those things wouldn't have given me any sort of benefits. I've cut down my sleeping time by 1-2 hours almost every night this semester and that's just not something I wanna keep up. Not to mention I haven't been cutting down my sleeping time for studying. Ugh. I'm so disappointed in myself.

Exam finals are coming up in just short of 2 weeks. One week of exams, 6 exams: 1 exam per day @ 9:00 a.m. There's something to look forward to! >_>

So my plans are to cut messenger use to zero (unless I need help with work or something) and spend more time in the library on campus without my laptop most of the time. I'll still be needing my laptop since it's where some of the necessary lectures are. But yes, I'll be needing to spend more time away from the main problem since I've been lacking discipline this semester this is just about the only way I'm gonna get things done.

Hopefully, the final results will be satisfying. =]

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Mario said...

Oh is it ok to record lectures now? that would be ok if u could. I've virtually been in a lecture at uwi via my friend's webcam ^_^. Man did i feel like a student, except it was business yuck.