Thursday, May 20, 2010

That Girl

I've been so very busy of late! Like I said before, who said summer was for relaxing? I'm running around doing errands, getting things fixed, cleaning our apartment.

Apparently the tenant who just moved out (she's a law student at U.W.I.) didn't know the meaning of the word "cleaning". She lived in a sea of dust, grease, grime, stickiness, cobwebs and spiders. And she lived comfortably. I've never seen a place do disgusting in my life. My nose kept running from all the dust I was surrounded with. It was awful. And gross. I killed a lot of spiders and destroyed many of their homes. Oh well. She was only there for 9 months but I'm so glad she's gone. If she stayed her full 2 years, I don't know what the apartment would've looked like. If anyone follows me on Twitter, you would've seen me raving about it all evening (plus how I ached all over). Anyways...onto happier things in life...

Despite being so busy, I still have time to relax. My evenings are relatively good so I get to stay home and do whatever I want. I had been one of the many people waiting for Wong Fu Productions and David Choi to release David's new music video for "That Girl", his song from his recently released album By My Side. As I don't work on PST, I didn't get to see the video till the next morning. But it was completely worth the wait. Completely.

I had heard of David Choi before. Seen some of his covers on YouTube and thought he was so talented but I never really kept up with him. Now I do. And I'm glad I do. Like I said, he has talent. And Wong Fu Productions? They have so much talent as well. As with "When Five Fell", they did an exception job with this music video.

Behind the scenes --> Here

I would love to meet the three guys behind Wong Fu Productions someday. I think they're just brimming with talent. Always looking forward to what they'll produce next.

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