Sunday, June 27, 2010

And on the night of AnimeKon...

...I enjoyed myself...somewhat.

All I can say is that it was nice being out of the house and that I wasn't disappointed. In my recent post about AnimeKon 2010, I mentioned that I wasn't going with much expectation so that I wouldn't be disappointed. Such a smart thing to do. I was excited because I got to dress up but that doesn't mean I expected it to go down great.

In all honesty, if it had been called GamingKon or something, I wouldn't have gone and all the guys and girls who would go to "GamingKon" would have gotten all that they could ever hope for. They could never have been disappointed. Why? Because AnimeKon was really one big video game convention. The only anime-like things that went down (to my knowledge) include: cosplay and the showing of Final Fantasy: Advent Children...oh yes and I guess the fashion show was supposed to be related?

I had the great misfortune of being stuck in a meeting for most of the afternoon. During this meeting, people who cosplayed were around at AnimeKon and I missed a few other, more entertaining events. By the time I had arrived, few people were dressed accordingly and I was told about all the cool characters that were around in my absence. The only goodness I got to see was a pair of girls walking around in their costumes as: Kakashi and an Anbu. I had to sorta figure out the Kakashi character. This was my experience, having gone after 6 PM.

There was a fashion show that I got to see. It was short. It wasn't bad. But then again, I personally am not really one for fashion shows because I don't really get the fashion behind it. Yeah, fashion isn't my thing.

There was some good artwork and graphic designs around so I was pleased with the amount of that floating about.

What made it all worthwhile for me was seeing a bunch of friends that I don't get to see too often. So I was pretty pleased about that at least. Oh and I also got to dress up! I like being able to dress differently from usual.

So, if any of the guys at AnimeKon read this, here are my suggestions for AnimeKon 2011:
  • More anime! Otherwise, it's not AnimeKon. I expected to see a whole lot more anime-related things around.
  • Anime movies in the "Anime Theatre". Marvel stuff doesn't count because it's American.
  • Play some anime-related music: japanese music, theme songs, series soundtracks.
I think that was my biggest problem with AnimeKon. The fact that it had so little to do with anime and so much to do with video games. Anime conventions usually exist to promote anime, promote series that deserve more recognition. I didn't feel like the anime community was properly catered to. But it's something to work on for 2011.

Understandably, this could be difficult to tackle as there aren't really any anime/manga outlets in Barbados, to my knowledge. But using AnimeKon to promote this awareness would be ideal. There are loads of anime fans in Barbados but our source of it is only via the internet and a change from this would be nice, I'm sure. Video games are good, graphic arts are good, Marvel stuff is good but anime is great too! So, you have an entire year to try making AnimeKon 2011 a much more appealing event for anime fans such as myself (because I'm not a big fan of video games).

All in all, I think it turned out to be pretty successful.


AnimeKon said...

Hey Miori!!!
First of all thanks for coming through!! We are happy you made the effort to attend especially after your long day.
We just want to share some thoughts on your blog.
AnimeKon in itself has always stated that we are a pop culture convention which caters to animation, graphic art, gaming and technology.
The word Anime is defined as a Japanese influenced of motion-picture animation, characterized by highly stylized, colorful art, futuristic settings, violence, and sexuality.

The word animation is defined as “to give motion to” any object.

There were quite a number of anime to be seen on the day if you consider the above and also consider that everyone has a different interpretation based on their expectations.

Your mention of the video games is interesting if you consider the definition of anime and animation. Many of the games played/shown on the day could not have existed where it not for the initial concepts and development (including storyboading of characters and animation of the games themselves ) were it not for the creators and animators who oddly enough are from Japan or of Japanese descent – just because most are released by the American agencies does not mean they are not heavily filled with Japanese influence. And dude...highly stylized, colourful art, futuristic don’t want to say this but also violence...the games played on that day had those qualities in spades 

The same thing goes for the movies that were shown including Transformers the Movie from 1986 (don’t forget Transformers originated in Japan and many of the animators of the first movie were also Japanese), the director of Planet Hulk is also of Japanese descent and of course there is Final Fantasy: Advent Children – don’t think we need to say anything about that one for sure.....

So truthfully there was a lot of anime floating around that just may not have been in the purest form we know that you and others were hoping for (otaku ftw!!!)

We are working hard at this very moment actually to ensure that several Japanese pure anime items will be available to you next year. Scout’s honour!
It really is our hope to make AnimeKon an event that is enjoyable to persons of all genres who we cater to under our self described status as a pop culture convention.

We hope to see you next year and thank you for all the positive feedback Miori!!

We will definitely have you well sorted for 2011 - we have a whole year to make it happen so please don't count us out just yet!

Team AnimeKon

Amy said...

Hey! Thanks for checking out my post. =)

I know a grand number of video games produced and played yesterday are based on such concepts and influenced highly by Japan and its animation style. I can fully appreciate that. But I'm not that big on the whole gaming thing, so it was still kind of a bust for me in that aspect. I know though, obviously, that for a lot of people it was awesome with the gaming competitions and the art competitions (which I thought was a great idea).

The original Transformers series was, I think, written and recorded in America while the animation of the series was done in Japan...just the animating. For as long as I've known (and Wikipedia says this too lol) Transformers originated from America. =)

Well, regardless, I'm hoping to see a lot more of the anime that anime fans such as myself can enjoy at AnimeKon next year. I'll be a little more hopeful for 2011 and look forward to pure anime goodness. Holding you guys to that Scout's honour!!

So, I'll see you guys in 2011, yeah? =]

AnimeKon said...

No problem...we'll be checking your blog a lot from now on LOL

Yup the original series began in America but that was only after the Hasbro reps went to Tokyo and discovered the line and decided to bring it to the mass audiences...but the original toys came from Takara in Japan before being bought out by the US. So still...don't think we would have those guys around today were it not for the Japanese. Thank God for Japanese innovation and American marketing!!

Also if you want plz shoot us an email at with your contact details. We'd love to link up with you and talk about what specifically you'd like to see next year. We don't want the anime fans to feel at all slighted in any way. Help us to make it a fantastic experience for you in 2011!

Team AnimeKon

AirBourne said... Considering the uphill battle they had from the start you should be giving them FLOWERS and not Poison Ivy?

Amy said...

Hey AirBourne,

I was merely stating my opinions on the little I saw of the event. I know I managed to miss out on a lot and I know a lot of work and money was put into this. I think it was a bold move for these guys to have put together such an event considering what Barbados' society is like. Despite there being little of the anime I expected, I think the event proved quite successful.

Simply put, I'm not feeding the AnimeKon team poison ivy, merely giving my suggestions so that they can do what they can to improve for the next year.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. =)