Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On a night like any other...

...I sit and ponder.

You know how there are those nights when all you do is think? Think about anything: yourself, your future, your goals, your current situations, upcoming events, your friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Tonight was one of those nights. I sit and I see a future that hasn't yet happened and can only hope they will. Tough times are ahead as time will pass by but I know that I have grown enough to handle them and that they will help me grow more so that I can face the tougher.

Tonight is one of those nights...

...I feel inspired to do something great. It's one of those nights that I remember what I truly desire; one of those nights that I feel the fire of my passions kindle inside.

I had an interview Monday. Just a short, simple, relaxed interview with the Director of the Montreal Neurological Institute. I do believe it went well. This interview stirred up the emotions I feel tonight. Voicing the things I strongly desire have rooted them even deeper within me. Then, as I returned home, my Mom asked me what any mother would ask: How did the interview go? A question that merely reinforced my drive.

You probably wonder what it is that I'm so interested in, so passionate about. The things I enjoy studying, learning about, applying: holistic/natural medicine, genetics, the mind. I hope that one day, these three things will attain a perfect mixture in my career.

This summer we're doing a research course. A 9 week course that started this week. I've applied for an externship to do research at an external site in the hopes of seeing what true research is about. Rather than these silly "research projects" in Barbados that include survey. Surveys are boring and I hate statistics. Why did I say this? Because I've been somewhat interested in research before but, being unsure of what the field is like, I can't say I'm really interested or not. I do hope that I'll be placed at the site I'd like to go to and get first hand exposure to it.

When I was a little girl with a single-digit age, I used to like playing teacher. Of course, I also liked playing doctor. We already know which path I'm on. But I still haven't completely excluded the teaching aspect. I have a desire to spread good knowledge that people should know. Information that can change peoples' lives. Maybe someday, later in life, I may take up this role again. I have a friend who tells me that I explain things in a very simple way and I've come around a good few cases where I've helped clear up misunderstandings about many things for people. I apparently give decent explanations, even though I personally don't quite feel that way sometimes. Ha.

So, tonight was one of those nights that you sit and contemplate life.


Cram said...

Amyyyyyyy where did you learn to put this all out in words?!?!? it's great. i'm never bored in reading ur pieces at all....very few ppl have that impact on me!! u def got a talent going here!! (Candace)

Amy said...

Haha. Thanks so much Candace! I try =)

Kcnh said...

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