Friday, September 10, 2010


Medical students are work-oriented individuals; studying is impeccably important. Nobody's dumb in medical school, one has to be smart to get in and then be smart enough to stay. For typical medical students, the importance of work relative to play is pretty much like this:

work > play

I'm perfectly fine with that as long as no one works all the time and cuts out all elements of fun and enjoyment in life. Anyone would go crazy, literally. Work hard, play hard...that way, all the stress from work feels worth it when you take a little break. It's like studying: try studying non-stop for 8 hours. How many people can actually accomplish that? Few. The little breaks help us to sit back and see how much work we've accomplished, to let it settle in a little before we continue.

So, a little fun before the work bares it's ugly fangs is perfectly fine. It's a pity our freshmen can't see that yet. Maybe in a year's time. How boring that they don't understand the importance of play and interaction with fellow medical students.

This week has been so upsetting, frustrating and disappointing for a lot of reasons. I'm already falling behind...the worst thing anyone should have to do is play catch up in med school. I can't wait for the week to conclude. I'll pick up a book and enter 'boring mode'...forgetting the week ever happened.

To think...this week was the only reason for wanting to start the new semester. Bah.

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tamara said...

everything u said is very true even tho i'm a person who can study for go hours. But i very much enjoy my breaks!

So the new kids didn't want to participate in the activities you all had planned?