Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mini-Series? =o

Well, I'm not promising anything here. Don't get your hopes up!

Have you met Tim? Well, here he is. A man who's 1 cm tall and has a curiosity for the (giant) human body. I did this one up a little while ago but it took me awhile before I got all psyched up for the voiceover. It's finally out though!

I had a friend suggest to me that Tim should have a little series of his own. His little adventures into the human body. An internal explorer. An internal biology teacher. Of course, for that to happen, I'll have to bend the realm of reality a little...oh wait...I already did, 1 cm tall stick men named Tim don't exist. =)

The only thing about this suggestion, as lovely as it is, is that creating Tim and scripting his adventures takes time! As a medical student, time is incredibly valuable and I'd like to know beforehand: Do you think Tim should have his own series?

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