Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Years & Still Posting

Today marks the three-year anniversary of Symplicity Me, the first blog I've managed to keep going.

Happy bloggerversary Symplicity Me!

I had completely forgotten about it last year...and the year before, I remembered the day after. To be honest, I nearly forgot this year too. It's only by an urge of feeling the need for change that I realised. So, to celebrate the big day, I decided that a slight makeover was in order. (Well, I was really going to do one anyway but realised it was the bloggerversary. So let's just say it's for that. Haha.)
The Old Look
The New Look
I decided to a go for a simpler, lighter look this time around. Nothing fancy and colourful yet not something too plain. In the end, I came around to what you see now. There are still some similarities to what I had before but something about this one feels a little neater. I didn't bother to change the header photo because it's still as meaningful to me today as it was the day I made it and just as applicable to my life, if not more so. I think it blends in nicer with the new background anyway. :)  

What do you think of the new look?

This blog has become pretty special to me over the past three years. I've said in posts before that I have a problem with keeping up with things and, even though I don't post as often as I'd like (I'll blame that on medical school), I'm still going at it.

May we still have more years of posting to come, yeah? :)


Dré said...

Hey mine is coming up on the 24th. Not sure if I will do a makeover as yet because as soon as Google makes gadgets and widgets available in the new dynamic views I am going to switch to one of those.

Happy Anniversary though!

Amy said...

Oh, yeah, I saw the dynamic views. They're nice! Not styled for my blog though.

I'm pretty sure I'll forget when the date rolls around so happy (early) anniversary to yours! :)