Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dusk to Dawn

So my recent obsession has been the Twilight Series. I always keep thinking that I should've picked up Twilight & New Moon when I saw them in a bookstore in NY when I went during Christmas '07. But oh need to regret now. Somehow I'm managing to get my hands on all the books! Got my hands on the first 3...and just when I thought I wouldn't be able to get the last one my friend tells me his sister has it. Joy!

Maybe the last time I was obsessed with reading a series was Harry Potter hmmm. But I've been finishing Stephenie Meyer's books in less than 24 hrs! I'm just so into it that I don't really wanna do anything I've been neglecting the internet (and hence my friends on MSN lol) and anime. ^_^ But I always did like reading...Good books can really keep my at it =D

I went to watch the Twilight movie last night at the drive in with my friends. It was most interesting. I had to do my utmost best to keep the book far far away from my mind while I was watching (not entirely successful of course). But if I didn't think of the book, I'd say the movie was pretty good. And almost all (if not all) the friends I went with never read the book (a couple didn't even know anything about it) and they thought it was good.

The book was, of course, much more interesting and funnier. The movie had things happening in a different order (like too early) and things happening that never happened in the book and conversations happening in different places. And, of course, I had imaginged some people and things a little differently (like Edward's skin in the sunlight, it was always much brighter in my mind).

I'm half-way through Eclipse (which I intend to finish today) and I'll be picking up Breaking Dawn (borrowing) from my friend today as well so I can get right to it tomorrow since he'll be working.

I can't wait! xD

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Mario said...

Meant for females only. Too much drama for me truthfully.