Thursday, January 22, 2009



Everyone has a different way of living. No two lifestyles are exactly the same, are they? There's the common factor though: challenges are thrown at us time and time again. Harder and more difficult to deal with. But never something that can't be handled..if you know your goals.

Well...I'm not really pondering life. My friend is...or was? Haha not sure what he's thinking about now but that's what he was thinking about last night. We went to watch Marley & Me and it was pretty much a movie! The average life of a married couple and a misbehaving dog. There was nothing special about the movie or the people or the dog. It was a nice simple movie with an incredibly sad's like they were doing their best to make their audience cry...really...

Come Monday, I'll be back to the usual routine...Sleep, go to classes, eat, go to more classes, return home, study, eat, sleep...For the next few months. *sigh* Fairly boring. With 7 courses, I'll be at U.W.I. for longer hours and I'll be in my books more than last semester.

Our grades were finally posted online. And that was all it took to make my week =D I'm really surprised. I didn't think I could do so well but I did and I'm pretty proud of myself. I can still hardly believe my grades though...I stared at the page for like half an hour, wondering if I was seeing right. But I've accepted them. And I'm happy. x]


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Mario said...

yay for good grades! i always think about life and i find it annoying i can never truly enjoy anything. There's always something that makes me sad. I hate movies with sad endings too.