Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going Platinum!

I'm still a little Pokemon nerd at heart. It can't be helped =] A good friend of mine got Pokemon Platinum recently and told me he was playing and something inside me just went *click* and all I knew next was that I wanted to play! I still do =[ I want a Nintendo DS. I don' have one = but I'd so get one just for Pokemon...cuz I'm a nerd like that hahaha.

I ended up dropping by my friend's house and playing it a bit...TWICE! haha Go me! It really was quite fun. Haven't played in ages. Apparently, it's like I'm letting the child in me come out cuz I look so happy playing hahaha. But, honestly, I just love it. How can I not?

I wanna play!

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Mario said...

pokemon is too cool. Can't help but remember when it started being said that pokemon is a demonic game. my world was crumbling since i didn't want to identify with demonic things. But now i'm over it, actually it never stopped me from playing.