Sunday, March 29, 2009


Sometimes things just aren't what they seem.

Last night I went to the Drive In to watch Hotel for Dogs and Coraline with a friend and my mom. Hotel for Dogs was a lovely little family movie. Coraline was not. It was so far from my expectations that I was just so surprised about it. I thought it was one of those cute innocent little movies like Corpse Bride and some others I can't remember. When I saw trailers and pictures and stuff, I hadn't expected it to be so creepy and weird! 

The thing about it was that it started off quite nicely. Well, it was weird and random but in a cute friendly way. I bit boring actually...some people left. Then it slowly started to get weirder and weirder...then creepiness was dealt into it. And there was some stuff in that movie that I'm sure little kids should not be seeing. Like partial nudity. It was really quite disturbing! I can't believe it's rated G at the Olympus Theatre. I bet they just thought "oh it's an animation so let's rate it G". Psh. Wrong idea. 

So some things just aren't as innocent as they seem. From movies to people. I've just recently learnt how incredibly scary and horrible this one person in my life is. And it's not happening to me. It's happening to my friend. =[. I'll be praying for them.

Today, I'll be going to watch Watchmen! Guess we'll see if it's as good as people say it'll be.

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Mario said...

I don't get the chance to go watch many movies. So many things contribute to why i'm not "living" but it's not so bad since i figure i'm not alone. haven't watched avatar and not sure i ever will. haven't seen watchmen either. Hardly anything...oh well