Saturday, March 7, 2009


I've decided on the laptop I want! =] Gonna get it in June when I go to New York...yay! It was well decided after I found out if there were any places that dealt with Apple products here in Barbados, of course. Can't have something happening and nowhere to take it after all. Also seems like my laptops grow with each new one I get. My first laptop (not including the one handed down to me from my Dad) was a 13" Sony Vaio. Now I've got my 3 year old 15" Dell Inspiron and now I'm planning to give Apple a shot and get a 17" Macbook Pro!

Yes, that's right. PC to Mac. I had considered the switch after hearing about the use of Microsoft Office with Macs. Go me!

Went to the optometrist today for the usual eye exam. Seems like I've got me a very very small astigmatism in my left eye. The dude said that its so small we'll ignore it for now. I wonder when that happened? =o 

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Mario said...

Had red eye once. My older brother is the one who got it first and then spread it. Also the morning i woke up and my eye was swollen and glued shut with mucus, my father made me cry. :(