Saturday, May 9, 2009

Must Be Paranoid

"Everytime I turn around
Something's just not right"

The Jonas Brothers' new single Paranoid was released May 8th! It's available from iTunes May 12th =] Go take a listen!

I currently can't stop listening to's just so great. And it's doing a good job with me too...I'm dying to hear the rest of the album: Lines, Vines and Trying Times to be released June 16th! 

"It's like a poison in my brain
It's like a fog that blurs the sane
It's like a vine you can't untangle
I'm freakin' out"

I wish I was gonna be in the U.S. when the album is released but I'm not...I'll be leaving N.Y. on the 2nd =[ I'll find a way to get it for sure though!

I absolutely Love the new album cover!

"If you hear my cry
Running through the street
I'm about to freak
Come and rescue me"

P.S. Exams have finally started (also on May 8th)! I can't wait for next Friday when they end! I'll need all the luck everyone has to offer lol =P 

1 comment:

Mario said...

i just listened to the first minute of it and it's ok i guess. Not something i'm in love with tho. Lovebug is probably the only thing by them i'll ever have.