Saturday, August 15, 2009

Escape No More...

So today is my final day in Trinidad. The end of my two-week great escape. It truly was an escape and I've enjoyed every minute of it. As was the usual, I enjoyed my last week here more than the first. I always wonder why that is...could it be because the pressure of the end of my trip is nearing? Nevertheless, I still enjoy myself.

I do wish that I could stick around a little longer. I normally always want to stick around just another week longer but I haven't wanted to stay this much in quite a few years. I can't believe that it's been a decade since I moved away from the island. It only hit me just recently. A decade.

Trinidad is a pretty neat place to be able to keep yourself busy, I think. It helps to have friends. Ah...good friendships...old friendships. I love that I still get along well with old friends...friends that I've known for as far back as I can possibly remember.

In more than one way, this trip has been an incredibly special one for me. A decade.


*~Neesh~* said...

Nice entry!!
I'm glad u've had such a great time in TnT =). Ohh and friendships...good, reliable friends mean the world and more =). Its great to know that when you look around, you can see some friends you've had from way back when, along with budding friendships. Good friends make the journey of life soo much easier =) (taking nothing away from family and prayer of course) =)

Miori said...

Thanks neesh!

Yes friends are important for the walk through life. Humans were made for each other after all, we weren't made to be lone beings. =]

*~Neesh~* said...

Soooo trueee!! =)

Wayne said...

I found the book extremely hard work to get through.

Underneath, there is a good story but the author seems more obsessed with trying to write a social commentary rather than making the plot come alive. Like at the end of one chapter, she just drops in the September 11th attacks for no reason whatsoever and then nothing else is said about it. I just found myself skipping parts and most of the chapters were useless and did nothing to move the story along.

In other words, it felt like she filled the pages with crap sometimes (if you've ever read Stephen King then you'll know what I mean).

Also, it's a sweet/cute story yet every now and again you get these REALLY vivid, tacky sex scenes and extreme language that lowers the tone of the whole thing O.o It was weird.

But then again it's a best seller so what do I know? Maybe by cutting out the crap, the film might actually do a better job?

Miori said...

Ohh wow. seller huh? I guess most other people think a little differently.

But now I don't feel like reading it anymore! >.< lol Maybe the film is better than the book after all...but I'm not gonna find out. Ah was hardly likely that I'd get around to reading it in the first place anyways. =P

Mario said...

-looks back at miori's past post about friends- -sigh-....and yes the last week is full of hustle and bustle to make sure u have everything and enjoy every last seond.