Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Two-week Getaway

Tomorrow starts my two-week getaway from the island of Barbados to the neighbouring island of Trinidad. Much larger and many more things to do and places to go than Barbados, I'm just about dying to get out of here!

It's nothing particularly special though. Just my usual 2 week summer trip to Trinidad. I usually try to go every year for 2 weeks ever since I moved from there when I was 9. I haven't kept in touch with many of my friends, unfortunately, but somehow I've always kept in touch with one of them. I always wonder how long it would's been 10 years since I moved and we still get along well despite how we've both changed over the years. I normally stay over at her house as well, but this year I'll be staying with my Dad so it should be an interesting enough trip, I think. =] Plus, he's got internet (my friend doesn't) so I won't get totally bored if I get such a chance.

I'm quite happy to be going away. After awhile, I always get really bored here in Barbados. I'm not very big on the beach scene and I absolutely despise Bridgetown, our biggest mall is so small that one can take your time walking around it and walk every inch of the place in 15 minutes tops. Of course, I'm not really big on nightlife either. Which leaves very few options for fun: lime at a friend's house (or have a lime at mine), go to the drive in for a movie or two, go to the theatre or go mini golfing, among others. I don't know...just gets so boring here. =[. Barbados is an amazing vacation spot or even a good place to retire but it's not somewhere that I would want to spend my life in. While the slow-pace and peacefulness is nice, it's also quite frustrating.

I must say though, I have no intentions of staying and working in Barbados for the rest of my life. Whenever I think about the future, it's not in Barbados. I'm not sure where I'll find myself but here doesn't feel like the place I really want to be. I love my friends though! They keep me happy and satisfied enough here =D

Well, I'll be returning home in Barbados on August 16th! The new year begins on August 31st so I'll have another two weeks to get myself sorted out and back on track for classes again.


*~Neesh~* said...

Ahh!! I totally feel the same way that you do on your post. Like whenever I think about my future, i always see myself living and working somewhere else. I guess the biggest thing is that, having travelled some places, its frustrating for me to know that there are so many things out there like opportunities for example, and Barbados doesn't have any of them. It really is too limited here. Barbados is great for retiring and I love it, but right now, i feel myself going in a different direction from Bim.

Miori said...

Yep Barbados is so limited to the things that I require to fulfill my goals. It just can't be helped. With or without travelling elsewhere, it's already known that there are always better opportunities and recognition than what you can get here. *sigh* such is life.

Mario said...

If only i knew what it felt like to travel. Let's just say my parents were in no way prepared. What can i say uh? i don't even dream about travel. Sometimes IHML and it's not that i want material stuff because i don't. oh well...moving on...