Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flipped Out!

Some of you may or may not be aware that I'm in current ownership of a popular Cisco product: the Flip Mino HD (2nd gen).

Two nights ago, it totally flipped out on me and went bonkers (pun intended). Now, it refuses to turn on and I'm upset! The thing that upsets me the most is the fact that this is the second Flip that I've had. The first one I purchased had a very faulty screen and so I had to send it back and got it replaced with this one. It was working quite fine and well until the night before. In fact, I had used it during the day and had transferred all my videos and left it plugged into my laptop to charge before it started going crazy on me.

I think my relationship with Cisco's Flip pocket camcorders is just not meant to be. I've begun the search for a totally new camcorder. A proper one, rather than this conveniently portable pocket camcorder. And so, I look to Canon. I've been desiring Canon equipment lately and, as I can't afford to own a lovely DSLR camera, I do believe a camcorder will suffice very well. I've been researching...looking at lists, reviews and videos, I think I've pretty much decided on the VIXIA HF M31 which looks like this:
Doesn't it look yummy? I think it does. It's a very well equipped HD camcorder with a 2.7" touchscreen panel. Delish~. The only complaint I've seen from all the reviews that I've read is the battery life of the battery that comes in the box. So, many people purchase a larger battery pack and a separate charger. Which I believe I'll do...because approximately 1 hour of recording time just isn't cutting it. Otherwise, everything seems well up to par and I'm considering the purchase.

I'm feeling kind of excited about it! Just to note, I really wasn't this excited when I decided on buying the Flip. I guess I really shouldn't have bought it but it's too late now. I'm excited about this, so I'm sure this will work out well for a change. =)

If anyone happens to have any better suggestions for a camcorder, do let me know and I'll look into it!


Chantal Kamaka said...

Lol. Hush Amy. Stupid Flip! >.< I actually wanted to get one, but that's not gonna happen now. -_-

Amy said...

LOL! Oh really? Awwww. I'd get the Slide if I were you. It's what I really wanted but I was rushed and had to buy the MinoHD instead. Obviously, it was just not meant to be. Cisco and I seem to have a bad rep lol but Flip is supposed to be good. I wouldn't recommend it due to my own experiences with it but if you want it, then don't let me discourage you! =]