Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, I'm one of those people who'll gladly waste their time watching anime music videos. Wow. I follow a couple of really good amv creators on YouTube and my favourite so far happens to be Soulvws who, might I add, is Barbadian. So much talent!

So, anyways, his latest upload was a M@D. Of course, I'm like, what's that?? I'm still looking into it as I don't really have the clearest idea quite yet. I just know that classic M@D videos are created by Japanese people and, so, originates from Japan. They're kind of like anime music videos, except you won't always find that the sources used are anime.

Soulvws' M@D video - using still images from various anime series

I searched around a bit and found this really amazing one:

I wanted to embed it but was getting a lot of trouble. You can watch it in the link above. The people on the website describes it as a masterpiece and I have to say that I totally agree. It's really great and quite an original work. Loved it!

So, I'll probably try to look into it some more. It looks like really interesting stuff. Like amvs but not quite? Something like that, I guess.

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