Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm not one to get stressed out very often...especially as someone in medical school. I've had very few meltdowns and, to this day, I've never considered any other career options (apparently, I'm the only one who hasn't thought about it this far into the degree!).

Meltdown = rant, rave and cry.

I've done this probably once over the past 3 years. I almost had another one this morning. I think, if I had been at home and not at the hospital, I would've actually had a full on meltdown but it didn't quite happen. I don't often show people that I'm suffering when I am, I guess.

Sometimes, the frustrations just build up. People and their negative energies don't help either. I'm surrounded by it and it feeds my own frustrations. Medical school was never meant to be easy. To this moment, I still have no regrets about my decision to do medicine. I like it and I don't see that ever changing...not if it hasn't changed now that I'm half way through my fourth year of medical school.

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Mario said...

hilarious picture..i never figured u to have meltdowns but then again i am very guilty of forgetting that i'm not the only human on earth..lately i've been under tons of stress but not really from skool..other sources and it's affecting skool..i'm considering therapy tho