Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To be a pathologist...

It takes a certain type of person to be a pathologist. Cutting organs, exploring dead bodies...it's all fun and exciting...to a pathologist.

Autopsy Room
Today, I witnessed my first autopsy. It was the first time I've ever been to the mortuary. When you think about a place like the morgue, people generally have an idea of a dark, cold, dingy room deep below the hospital with bad lighting and drawers filled with dead bodies. It's actually nothing like that...well, it was a bit dingy and smelt pretty bad but there was quite a bit of lighting and it wasn't very cold at all. Yes, there were those drawers but if you never knew what they held in them, it wasn't so bad.

The autopsy itself was pretty...I dunno. I've heard stories about how terrible it can be and then there's what you see on television but I thought it wasn't too bad...maybe because I built myself up to expect the worst of the worst.

Regardless, pathology is a career I could never ever ever possibly in life ever consider as an option. I'm not the kind of person who could live with body explorations in that sense. I like interacting in patients.

After seeing a spider in her office, one of the pathologists once said "I don't like the idea of anything being alive in my office...except me and guests to my office."

Upon asking another pathologist why she chose this specialty in medicine, she said "It's exciting, don't you think?"

Yeah, no, it's not exciting. Not one bit. Can't wait for this rotation to come to an end!

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Mario said...

lol how funny..the doctors are weird too..:D