Monday, October 19, 2009

A Belated Bloggerversary!


I completely forgot something totally important yesterday! I'm so ashamed of myself =[

Sunday, October 18th was this blog's first birthday! The first anniversary since the first blog entry. Ah such fond memories...Funny enough, this entry makes the first entry after the 100th. If this made the 100th entry instead of the 101st then that would be way cool but this works well too: the first entry after the bloggerversary!

It's a wonderfully happy [belated] bloggerversary to Symplicity Me! We made it through a year! *jumps for joy*

Unfortunately, in all my forgetfulness and, of course, lack of time, I've had no time to make up any pretty gifts/banners to celebrate the occasion. Oh well. It'll have to wait for next year! But this lovely photo will do for now =]

Be happy and excited with me! xD


Tammy said...

happy bloggerversary !!!!!!! I wish you many more :)

Mario said...

Oh i do like fireworks tho. There's something i could watch forever. :)