Monday, February 1, 2010

An Addict?

Anime is my addiction.

When an anime series catches my interest, that's the end of everything else. I want nothing but to complete the series I began. That's all. It's hard to stop watching once I'm enraptured in the plot. There's just no turning back. Absolutely not.

It is for this reason that I cannot watch ongoing series. Some cliffhangers have me mentally jumping of cliffs and I just can't take that...mentally. I refuse to start watching any series that has not been officially completed. I waited quite awhile before I watched Death Note and again before I watched Soul Eater. Now I'm waiting somewhat patiently for this new Full Metal Alchemist that I hear is ever awesome. I would almost be itching to watch it or even take a peek at it but the word ongoing is quite the turn off.

I spent the first weekend of the new semester finishing off Soul Eater, the anime I began watching the week before classes began and somehow never found the time to finish. I had, at the time, watched only 15 episodes of the 51. Saturday afternoon, I thought I'd try to slowly come to an end with it by watching an episode or two a day. So I took a "study break" to watch an episode and, of course, I was only left yearning for more. And so I watched more. And more. And more...
Before I knew it, I had seen 16 episodes by Saturday night and made up my mind to complete the series before the new week began. Mission accomplished. I watched the final 20 episodes on Sunday and finished just in time to watch the Grammys. Amazing.

I certainly don't watch as much as I used that medical school has blown itself up on me. I'm gradually seeing less and less of it...sadly. But I like to try to watch a series or two during the vacations! I've always wanted to watch One Piece...I saw the first two episodes of it when it first came out but now there are so many...not to mention, it's an ongoing series. thanks. Though, by the time it's done, I may not want to even try sparing the time for hundreds of episodes. But I guess we'll see when the time comes.

Or maybe I'll stick with manga. I still much prefer the series I read to be completed but I certainly have a great deal more self control with it.

If you haven't seen Soul Eater: watch it.


*~Neesh~* said...

Lol I know how you feel about anime. That's exactly how I was with Bleach... waking up and heading straight to the laptop to watch more and more epis lol. And yeahh, i've been hearing that Full Metal Alchemist is supposed to be one of the best animes, if not THE best, according to a friend of mine lol. I hope to check it out soon :)

Miori said...

Well if you're gonna watch FMA, make sure your watching the one u want to! The old FMA is good but Mark absolutely LOVES FMA: Brotherhood. lol. One day, I'll watch FMA: Brotherhood.

You could watch FMA though since that one's already complete. Or just start on FMA: brotherhood if you have the time to spare and don't mind waiting for new epis to come out (unlike me) >.<