Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On The Feet

My poor feet. They hurt. My heels hurt. The balls of my feet hurt. It hurts. So much walking. So much. I've been walking up and down between 3-4 floors for at least 6 hours a day...on a light day. My tibialis anterior aches...there's a first (of many firsts since starting this surgery clerkship). Oh well, it's excellent exercise so I can't complain. Honestly, there really shouldn't be any doctors of size in surgery due to all the walking we do. Our consultant still has a bit of a belly though and he walks the wards like nothing. But then, he's got years of practice on his feet. Gotta learn how to stand and walk properly.

I haven't really done much since Monday. Yesterday I sat in on out-patient appointments so, thankfully, I got to sit...albeit I sat for 5 hours and went right through the lunch hour (resulting in me growing hungry around midday, to remain that way until I had the luxury of time for food...which was when I returned home after 5). Today, for the first time this week, I was able to have some time to myself and ate lunch at 1:30! I must be learning some degree of control over my hunger reflexes since I really wasn't hungry until I got to the hospital cafeteria to see and smell the food...then I was hungry. I could be wrong, but only time will tell. I didn't get only 1 hour for food, I got 3 hours of free time! Naturally, I sat in the cafeteria and studied up on hernias.

I learn a lot on the wards when I listen to people present cases and answer the consultant's much so that some of it's lost along the way. This is why I make note of stuff I need to read up on (most urgently) as the day goes by. That, by the way, would encompass a lot of reading and a whole lot of brushing up on the anatomy I learnt 2 years ago. 

On Sunday, if I get a chance, I'd like to sit and simmer in a nice little bubble bath. That sounds just spiffy!

Back to the books!


Mario said...

wonder if u had time for this spiffy notion of a bubble bath lol....again the day doesn't sound too awful.

Amy said...

couldn't you tell? I was praising the day. not complaining about it. I was complaining about the aching feet though.