Monday, October 27, 2008

Celebrate or Contemplate?

So, this morning my cellphone gave me a little alert reminding me of a birthday Grandmother's. She died in January this year. It was kinda depressing.

I was just sitting in class and I checked my cell and realised it gave me a little birthday alert. I was wondering who's birthday it was cuz I know 2 of my friends have birthdays coming up but I didn't think it was so soon. Turned out to be dear Gran's birthday...or what was supposed to be her birthday. I also found out that one of my friends lost a close family member over the weekend or today or something and I just felt so sad =( I guess I sorta had an idea of what she was going through cuz all I could think about was all the events that occurred around my Gran's death. It was really sudden and she lived in Trinidad so nobody really saw it coming. A week later, I was in Trinidad crying my heart out.

*sigh* Such is life. Dying is something that happens to everyone, but it's hard for close friends and relatives to accept sometimes. I miss my Gran =( I hadn't been thinking about her much recently until today.

After being a bit sad about today, I started to think about all the wonderful things that I could think of...all the great memories I shared with my Gran. To me, it's always nice to think about things like that...helps keep the person alive in my heart and keeps me from getting down about it.

Love you, Gran. =]


Neisha said...

A person may die, the pictures may even fade.....but the memories last forever =)

Mario said...

:( what neesh said. Tho i find i don't cry when there are funerals. I didn't cry at any actually. When my friend died in primary school i did cry a bit. I would just feel sad but not really shed tears.