Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Come over to the Dark Side...I dare you!

Huh? What?

No clue where that came from...I swear! Honestly...I'm not psychotic or anything.

But I did have a super fun and interesting lecture today from a psychiatrist and I heard stories about people who are =)

I also learned that "antisocial" is another of the most commonly misused words in the English language.
Anti = against;
Social = society;
Antisocial = against the laws of society.
So when we say that people are "antisocial" we really mean "asocial".
A = not
Asocial = not social =]
And I also learned that SOME cases of marijuana use can somehow lead to schizophrenia in long term use =O Who knew?

Ah yes, the most interesting class of the day. I was supposed to have 2 free extra hours today before my class at 2 p.m. but that didn't quite happen since TWO lecturers decided they wanted to teach us cuz they didn't finish they're lectures before (it's not my fault that they can't keep time!) and hence I had 4 straight hours of lectures from 8 a.m. = 12 p.m.
Combine that with trying to understand about a hundred different concepts in relation to Molecular Medicine for an in-course exam tomorrow and you'll feel my exhaustion =(

I like Molecular Medicine and all...but having lectures for an entire course in a span of 3 weeks is just not right. Then having to study half the course in a week and the other half in another 2-3 weeks for in-course exams while having to study for 3 other exams in the week before the 2nd exam is just too much.

Too much I say!! head might explode, as well as the 40 other people who are doing this Med thing. The sacrifices we have to make to become doctors...And its only the first 2 months...what's gonna happen in the next 5 years? O.o

I'll probably just go mad. Watch out.


Danny said...
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Danny said...

Haha yeah one of the symptoms of schizophrenia is like delusions

AH Explains when dudes get high they see unicorns and stuff o.O ...

Ah well you'll be fine :P The many Doctors before you did it and so can you =p

Miori said...

no no. the 'delusions' ur talking about is a symptom on its own. when i say schizophrenia..i mean like, not when your high on the drug. as in, its a disease that begins to manifest on its own. and it doesnt happen to EVERYONE who uses the stuff, only a select percentage.

Mario said...

Rebuttle!!!...not really but yet another good post from the past. I am also feeling very informed about the whole misused word thing. From today i know the difference thanks to you. :)