Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Modesty is Just So Hard To Find"

Guess where this title came from? =O Nowhere else but the Jonas Brothers' new single Lovebug! It's just about my fav line in the song =]

The music video for Lovebug premiered tonight! And the guys were so wonderful to upload the music vid on youtube for those of us who don't have Disney me! I'm just so excited about watching it that I had to post it!

I think it's really sweet how the vid is set back in the...was it the '40s? My memory has gone and failed me again, how sad. Well it's somewhere around then. A sweet little love story about a sailor and his wife. I think Camille Belle looked rather beautiful too =) Lots of scenes with Joe and Nick...not so many of Kevin...guess it's cuz he doesn't do much of the singing. Somehow...i felt alot of passion in this music video. In my opinion it was rather well done for something that was shot in a span of..what?..3 days? Pretty good don't you think?


Danny said...

Haha really? I actually know how to play this one as well.. Its solo is pretty awesome to , ill show ya sometime

Mario said...

i like the song but i still don't quite fancy them. I'm not sure why.