Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Like the back of your hand"

OK...so can you say you know the back of your hand? If you can...then by all means do tell! Ever since I had an anatomy class on the hand, I've been wondering about that...not that I haven't before, but since that lecture I can't help but wonder. Telling someone to know something "like the back of your hand" is a phrase you will probably never hear from me unless your a medical student or something because, I don't know the back of my hand! I'm gonna need to know it in a couple of weeks though for my next anatomy exam, so maybe then I can say that I do =)

I don't really like anatomy so much anymore now that my favourite lecturer has gone off =( I have a new one and she's not all bad but she seems to have a problem with staying on a particular topic o.O Although I had a different lecturer teach the Gluteal Region this afternoon and I thought it was pretty good! I really liked that lecture. He may be a sexist and a bit on the perverted side (which is well expressed in his somewhat raw humour) but he's still good at teaching and I'm happy about that. Plus I get a few laughs in too =D

I've been wondering about this blog...since its new and all that, I'm posting on it just about everyday and I'm finding it quite fun which is weird cuz I'm not one who particularly likes writing stuff persay. I'm definitely not a writer of any sort. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the English language, it actually frustrates me sometimes =( But this blogging business is fun! I see it as a small outlet for...random thoughts or frustrations or anything of the sort =D

And so, with that I end this with a rather pretty little scene that I managed to snap from my study room ^.^ I know the quality doesn't look all that great but I took the pic behind a mosquito net! I was too lazy to walk outside =P


Wayne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog ^-^

OHMYGOODNESS! I'm so jealous of that view ... and of your location in general! I think I'm in the furthest place from paradise right now :( *tear* ha

Miori said...

Oh thanks for stopping by mine as well =]

awww yea, we get some really nice views here. There's actually a nice one of the ocean from my uni too. I've been to England once, I saw some great views there too..completely different of course, but still awesome =]

Danny said...

Neat Picture :) Should of been able to get a shot of the other day i told you to look out.

Ooo i heard that saying somewhere .... lets see! Well i just remember the ... " I know it like the back of my hand! " That doesnt help much huh ? :P lol

The blogging thing looks neat , thinking to give myself a go at it , Might help with my expressing myself :) Ooo btw! I got somethng neat to show you on Friday :D Nothing special but when you see it your gonna be well hopefully lol like.. Wehh Danny its perfect!

Anyways =] Ttyl! and keep those fingers away from those walls because your learning Lovebug this Friday!

Happy. Erm Blogging :D

Miori said...

I went to get my cam but the worst thing happened! The battery needed charging =( And it was so nice that evening too. But there will be other days so no worries.

Danny said...

Haha Yep yep :P

Did you know its the amount of pollution in the atmosphere that makes sun sets so beautiful :(

Miori said...

yes I know, you've told me so before

Mario said...

i thought i've read all your posts but this one isn't looking very familiar. Hmmm i'm just going to keep reading.
Your blogs are loved by all who read them. ^_^