Sunday, October 26, 2008

"You Will Obey...Desertion Is Not An Option"

Omg I watched Eagle Eye today and it was so very awesome! The action scenes were amazing and I just couldn't believe who was behind the whole charade. The storyline was excellent. Absolutely amazing. I sooo want this on DVD. I want "Wanted" on DVD too actually =]

I can't wait till next weekend to watch HSM 3. Something to look forward to. I don't care that I'll have 3 tests the following week..I really wanna watch it. I'm watching stuff while I can make the time! =D

Speaking of work and Uni...I can't believe its been 2 months since it started already. It's just another 4-5 weeks till exam finals and then Christmas! Ah how time flies!

My hair's getting so long! The longest it's been...ever! It's almost half-way down my back...almost a pity I'll be cutting it at the end of November. It only occurred to me that maybe I should take some pics so I'll have memories of my hair being this I did. Awesome =] The pics turned out quite nice but cuz of the lighting it looked like I had red streaks or something in my hair.

So anyways I had a super nice day today. Had a friend over for lunch, watched a great movie. Got to dress up a little to go out. Haven't done any of that stuff since the weekend before Uni started. Fun fun.

I can't believe the weekend is over already. Boo =[


Danny said...

Really? :O was it better than Wanted? Well the Action/Story plot

Mario said...

I never saw those pics.....i want to see them pls!!! thanks :P