Saturday, June 13, 2009


I feel like I haven't made an entry in a really long time! Almost two weeks actually =o I've been wanting to make an entry earlier but I couldn't think of anything to post about since all I've got going on with me right now is summer school...boring old summer school. So much work I'm getting, it feels like normal school! >.<

Tonight I went to the drive in with my Mom and watched Obsessed and The International. She still hasn't watched my much loved movie of the summer so far: Star Trek. So, I told her that we're going to the theatre tomorrow to watch it! =D

Obsessed was pretty alright. Straightforward plot. Easy to follow. I can't quite say the same for The International. I must admit, I got a slightly different idea of the movie plot from the trailer I watched. It started off nicely and was going well until the interesting became long and dragged out. And I was not at all satisfied with the way it ended either. Not to mention, the ending felt a little rushed somehow. Like they squeezed a good set of juice at the beginning and managed to scrape off the top nearing the end. =\ I just wasn't too pleased with it after awhile.

Well that's about it from me. Keeping things short and sweet! =] 
Until next post!


Tammy said...

u just couldn't help but watch it again,only if ur mom knew u werent bothered if she watched it or not but instead wanted to stare at spock lol

Mario said...

more movies i've never watched and most likely will never see... I really admire Amy and her mum tho lol ^_^