Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Weekend in NY

So, as many of you know, I went to New York just last weekend for about four days over the long weekend we had here in Barbados. I haven't made an earlier post about it, mainly because I've been feeling really busy with stuff: classes, assignment...beach =P Although, I haven't actually been in sea in...probably about a year or more (sad considering how close the beach is) so I just had to go!

I'm missing NY already! The weather there was wonderful. The temperatures were just perfect. I came back home and all I could do was sweat in the heat. Insane! I wish I could've stayed there would've been great! I heard on the radio that it was
 like 37°C, an incredibly large difference from the 23°C (18°C at night) that I was enjoying.

I was happy to have a change from the food I always eat here. Just had some of the usual food when I go to New York: Chinese food. Real Chinese food. Not the fake little chow mein, fried rice, sweet and sour chicken rubbish that's called Chinese food and sold in this country. Real chinese food.
Pic from Dec 2008. Chinese food! Yum!

We went upstate to this really awesome place called Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. It was insanely HUGE! Obviously, it wasn't anywhere near possible to look through all the stores. In fact, it wasn't even possible to look through all the stores in just 1 section (there were 5 sections). Hundreds of stores and we just chose a few. We were there for over 2 hours, spent loads of money and went into 6 stores or so.
A map of Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

So during my stay, generally what my Mom and I did was shop, eat, got our hair cut, and we both got the things we ordered and shipped to my Uncle's house. One of the things I had shipped to his house awesome new Macbook Pro 17"!

Isn't it lovely?

That's about the gist of my trip. Not much. But I enjoyed myself and that's all that matters. =]


Tammy said...

i'm jealous, and u sound bitter bout the fake Chinese food we have here lol glad u had a good time and ur mac is AWESOME!!

Mario said...

the Mac is pretty. And i couldn't help but laugh at the horribly bashed local chinese food. yay for pictures!