Wednesday, July 22, 2009


About 2 months ago, I was watching the first season of an anime called Clannad. I really loved it too. It was cute and totally random and strange (certainly kept me laughing) but I loved watching the characters develop in their own way. There are two seasons to the series: the first, simply entitled Clannad, mainly took place in high school; the second, entitled Clannad After Story, had a little more school but then graduation came...along with living and independence. I decided to start off my official Summer vacation with Clannad After Story and ended up finishing it in the same day.

Clannad After Story was really the most touching of the two, I think. Maybe it's because it shows how different life after high school can be. I was smiling, laughing and crying quite equally throughout the series. Never really expected to cry, but then, I wasn't expecting the plot to be so deep. It looks like an adorable anime that one would watch when one's bored but it turned out to be something more. One thing I really liked about it.

From Clannad After Story

It's not filled with action, like Bleach. It isn't extremely humorous, like Yakitate!! Japan. And it certainly isn't filled with extreme tactics and intelligence, like Code Geass. So I'm pretty sure this anime wouldn't be so appealing to lots of people. After all, it's just about a bunch of people in high school and whatever happens to them afterward but despite that, it's not as simple and boring as it sounds. Many of these characters have problems that made them into who they were and together they pulled through the challenges, supporting each other along the way.

This has definitely become my favourite anime!

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Mario said...

woot for anime! without it i'm not very sure what Miori would be doing with her spare time lol. A bit too dramatic for me tho.