Sunday, July 19, 2009

Over the canefields

We went mini golfing the other day and it was loads of fun! I was actually a little afraid that it would rain since it was overcast but the weather in Barbados is so iffy, it's just not so predictable sometimes. Luckily for us, the rain didn't come till we were done with the course 2 hours later.

We were at about hole 8 when a friend of mine pointed out a good set of green beyond the fence. I didn't realise there was a huge canefield next to the miniature golf course. There was so! It's nice to see so much green sometimes =] It's so hot and there's so much sun that lots of our grass ends up...not so green.

...two tall lone trees standing in the distance...

My last exam is Tuesday morning. It's an essay that I've already written and just have to re-write. Sounds like the easiest exam. Ever. Except that I have a bunch of citations that I'll need to memorise. Should be easy enough. And then...I can finally have myself a real summer!

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Mario said...

oh riiiight summer skool...forgot about that for a minute there. I guess i did becuz there were no posts about exams. i got 3 hole-in-ones at ocean park. I only went once with my 2nd cousin, 2 of my 1st cousins, my older brother and my uncle. My uncle and his 2 offspring were here for a visit from miami florida.