Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bonds That Tie

*Lost In Thought*

Many people have some vague idea of what a "true friend" is. But what really makes a person a "true" friend? People change, whether they know it or not, and it will always have an effect on current relationships. Priorities and ambitions set people apart. Interests become the dividing lines. Everyone is either a stranger or an acquaintance but who can really be called a friend?

Friendship isn't a one way avenue, is it? One person shouldn't be the only one making the trips, spending the money and making the calls, should they? People grow apart as they grow up, or grow closer together depending on how they change as they walk their paths. One may be ambitious and may have priorities set straight, while the other may be the complete opposite. As we grow up, we move on from our childhood and we learn responsibilities. Life evolves slowly as each path is laid before us and we move forward. We say we'll keep in touch, but how strong are these bonds really? How long do these feelings last?

I don't know how long I can maintain the bonds I hold with those I call friends now. Many years have passed us together, and I'd like many more to come and go in the same fashion but nothing remains the same. How many people are "best friends forever" or "friends for life"? I don't think there are many. But all I'll do is treasure every moment and memory that I spend with my friends and pray that they last for many years.

Live In The Moment. Live In The Present.

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Mario said...

This post addresses how i feel about some of my friends who were my best friends. Now we've grown apart so much and we don't talk that much anymore or at all. It happens tho. I wonder who will be next depending on the next changes.