Monday, November 30, 2009

43 Years

Today, we celebrate 43 years of independence here in Barbados. 43 years away from colonialism. Happy Independence to you, Barbados.

I watched the Independence parade last night for the first time in my life...and only because a friend asked me to. In the end I never spotted her *sigh*. So, for those who know me, it's not much of a surprise that I don't like Barbados very much. It's small, it's boring, there's absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go and all I can ever tell people is that it's a great place to vacation. Because it is. I just don't like it very much. And the parade did not help my opinion of the island.

I love my friend. And she's awesome and all but...that parade was the most pathetic thing I've ever was more of a ceremony than a parade. The "music" was just sound as far as I'm concerned. It felt incredibly empty and dull. These military organisations were ridiculous...I've never seen any such organisation march with so little life. Such flacid bodies and arm swingers! Only a select few really looked like they were marching but as for the rest...awful. But seriously, why so lifeless? Our Independence should be something to celebrate, no? So why not be more lively in playing that music? Why not take a more lively step in that march?

Another friend of mine was up with me watching the ever-awful-torture-to-watch parade and so the night was made just that much more enjoyable as we sat and chatted about how awful things were, imagining a number of things and just plain old making fun of people. Bad as that sounds, it was the only entertainment of the parade. People yapping while they marched! One girl looked at the other girl and then started grinning...mid-march. A couple of people stumbled. Only one or two sets of people were in sync...never saw anything so out of sync in my life.

A most shameful parade in my opinion. Absolutely.


*~Neesh~* said...

Lol i totally agree with everything you said. And ohhh, can't forget the horses and when they started to fight and ppl ran out of the way... hilarious!!

Miori said...

And I can't believe I missed that part! I really wish I saw that but my Mom turned off the TV =[ Darn it! lolz

Mario said...

i agree that things the bajans do are quite tacky but i don't complain since i don't watch or take part. Less for me to complain about.