Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Logos Experience

Logos Hope - "bringing knowledge, help and hope"

At the moment, the Logos Hope sits in the port in Bridgetown Barbados until Monday night. Everyone knows it as the "book boat". It's more or less one of the biggest, if the not the biggest, floating book fairs in the world!

A lot of people just visit the ship for the books. Arrive, search, buy, leave. Some others get a chance to talk to and be friendly with crew members. My friends and I befriended one of the staff and we were offered to have a tour of the ship.

Books galore. Seriously.

The Logos Hope, part of Operation Mobilization (OM), is an international Christian organisation aiming to spread knowledge, help and hope to people around the world. All the crew and staff on board are Christians and volunteers looking to help others. With over 47 different nationalities and over 300 people working on board, all crew and staff - from Captain to cook - are Christians and volunteers. Persons work on a contract - from 2 weeks to 2 years - and are exposed to different cultures and identities all over the world.

The Logos Hope has a sister ship, Doulos, which mainly visits the countries on the other side of the world - Asia, Australia, etc -. Currently, it's harboured in Singapore. And it's an apparently very old ship...sailing from the days of Titanic. =o

I'd like to participate in the experience, sometime later in life, for a couple of months. It's inspiring to see how these individuals interact with each other and with the locals of the countries they visit.

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Mario said...

haven't been to the book ship in a while. that's what i grew up hearing it called as. i used to go with my parents and older brother. it used to be packed!!! and the books were expensive tho i think my mother used to say.