Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just another month to go...

Christmas is slowly inching its way across and I can't wait for it to arrive! I've never been the most festive of persons when the Season comes around but it certainly sends a fun vibe around the island. I haven't heard any Christmas songs come over the radio quite yet but that time's almost here! Independence day just needs to pass by first. =]

Marshmallow peeps!

I saw these little fellows in the Supermarket the other day and I couldn't resist...I had to buy a pack! I haven't had those little marshmallow peeps in such a long time...maybe a few years ago...and it was for Easter. Yum yum yum!

I've got my examination timetable and it looks like the semester ends on the 18th for me! Just in time for my departure to New York on the 19th! In exactly 4 weeks, I should be on a flight to JFK international. Oh yea! Which also means that in 4 weeks, I'll be getting my new cellphone! I can't wait to play around with it =D New toys for Christmas? =P

Hong Kong's waiting for me on the 21st and I just can't wait for that time to come. It's been three years and I miss it there so much! If I actually lived in Hong Kong, I'm relatively sure that I'll never be at risk for putting on fat because I'll be so active. I really like travelling around there because public transportation is seemingly more convenient than private...who needs a car there anyway? Just the super rich folks really...because there are more buses and taxis than private cars on the road. =]

Anywho, I'll stop the babbling...exams begin on the 3rd of December...2 weeks time so I gotta get cracking on that work!

Are you looking forward to the holidays too?


*~Neesh~* said...

OoooOOooo... i really like this blog entry!!!! I love Christmas, like omg... u have no idea. Whenever I have my own family, i'm going to be going all out with the stockings and food, all that good stuff XD... New York!! Mannn, u will definitely enjoy it, especially since there's gonna be that Christmas feeling in the air, and plus New York will be cool at this time of the year XD....
Exams, ughhh, yeahh, i really need to start studying for those as well. I've basically just been mucking around =[...but since i'm adamant on ending my comment on a good note... Christmas and New Years are just round the corner!!!! =D =D =D

Miori said...

New Years! Yea...I'll be back on the 31st so I'll be home for New Years! Hopefully I won't be sleeping lol

Mario said...

I'm not sure what to say about christmas other than since i've gotten older, i tend to see how for alot of ppl it has little to do with the bible. Of course i love traditional christmas songs and everything but it's become so commercial not to mention all the newer crappy songs and stuff which ppl are coming up with. BAH HUMBUG!! just to the commercial and irrelevant crap.