Friday, November 6, 2009

Medical Specialties?

There are so many medical specialties out there to study!

Today, our pathology lecturer was talking about a medical specialty aptitude test which determines the particular field of medicine you should enter into according to your personality. So my friend went to look it up and sent me the link for the aptitude test on the University of Virginia's website.

My results came out as:
  1. Pediatrics (used to be interested in it until I decided on Holistic medicine)
  2. Dermatology (I never liked this)
  3. Med oncology (sorta interesting...)
  4. Gastroenterology
  5. Ophthalmology (sorta interesting too...I've got bad eyesight anyway)
  6. General internal medicine
  7. Urology (ew. No thank you)
  8. Occupational medicine (not interesting at all)
  9. Radiation oncology
  10. Aerospace medicine (sounds interesting. Might not be but it's got a cool ring to it)
Not bad really. Since I'm interested in natural/holistic medicine, I'll be going into that. It's certainly one thing that I'm passionate and super happy about. =]

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Mario said...

I think my first was Radiology but that's about all i can remember. If i do get through, i might end up a General Practitioner. It's where i could come into contact with most individuals anyway.