Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well to be honest, I'm not what anyone would call patriotic. I really don't know much about my own country when I really think about it. Last week was apparently the week to be wearing Independence colours: blue and yellow...well more Friday than the entire week. I wore no such thing! Actually I wore black on Friday, and there IS black in the flag so that could pass as something.

Barbados celebrates its 42nd year of Independence after being under British colonialism for...centuries? Ah my history's a little rusty but let's assume that's right. Sometimes I don't really think we're all that independent when half of our constitution is still like Britain and we our Monarchy is Queen Elizabeth II. Where's true independence in that? So anyways, Barbados became "independent" on November 30, 1966.

My "Caribbean Politics & Society" teacher once clearly pointed out to us, that our own National Anthem doesn't really make much sense and doesn't seem to quite fit Barbados. This is the main part that isn't fit for the National Anthem of Barbados:
"These fields and hills beyond recall
Are now our very own"
Ohh look! Lots of green!'s all...flat! What fields and hills? Fields we have...hills we don't. Out on the Eastern side of the island though, I believe it's a little less flat but, really, I wouldn't say we have hills beyond all. Our highest point is called Mount Hillaby which is 343 m above sea level. Awesome.

Hmm. Maybe I should say some stuff about Bim that I like =) Ummmm...I like the beaches and the weather (although it's been a bit too hot this year) and most of the people here are nice. The island is small so it's easy to go from one place to the next. I love having the privilage of seeing some very gorgeous sunsets and being able to see the various colours produced during a sunset (although I'm told that that just means the world is getting more polluted). All in all, life can be quite simple and relaxing...depending on what you do =]

Yay! I was actually able to list a few things that I like about Barbados. Well I'm sure my list of dislikes is longer but since it's independence weekend I'll be nice =] I'm going to New York this weekend! On Independence Day in fact. I'm sad that we'll only be there for a day before we return but I have to study so I'll live with it =) I'll finally be getting my hair cut too! My hair isn't all that long but I've been growing tired of it recently lol.

I'll see you all when I return! Until good =D
Oh and Happy Independence ^_^

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Mario said...

still would like to see those pics of your hair.. is that creepy? idk :S