Friday, November 28, 2008

Shades of Grey

Grey's all over the place today. I had an Ultrasonography lecture today and it was fairly interesting...listened to only half of it. I also had an ultrasonography lecture on Wednesday, except that one was at the hospital and it was late =[ All I learned from it is that it takes some real skills to be able to tell what's what when you're doing an ultrasound O.O Sometimes you can't even make out what's what even when they point it out to you...sometimes you can. Can you tell that the ultrasound picture is a liver? =O It's one of the few that I can make stuff out in haha.

The lecturer also brought along an ultrasound machine so she had some people volunteer to be used =) I volunteered my upper limb for viewing =D I thought it was really neat watching the muscles and tendons moved as I moved my shoulder and elbow. And it was even cooler when she showed my brachial artery and followed it up to the axilla. And I learned that veins collapse quite easily so if you press down too hard with the probe you won't see the vein. I also learned that when you hold your breath, blood flow stops in the veins due to the pressure in the lungs preventing the flow. I can't remember the name she told us though =(

My mom didn't make lunch today so I went ahead and bought myself a Chicken & Potato Roti from Chefette. Not anything like a real roti or anything though. Nothing beats the genuine stuff =D When I got home and spoke to my friend, I started thinking that I should've gotten some popcorn chicken from KFC instead since I can't recall ever having it before...oh well, next time! I think this is the most junk food I've had for awhile...

This afternoon decided that it wanted to be rainy! And the rain just couldn't wait till I got home to spread its terror...just before I got to the bank *sigh* At least the temperature is much cooler now =] But lots of heavy rain! And this island floods too easily but I blame the people who constructed our roads, they're made in such a way that it collects water much quicker than it should.

And I came home to find sheep in the plot of land behind my house! Well it's not the first time, but I think it's been awhile. There were only 2 of them...sometimes there are way way way more lol. Poor sheep...standing out in the rain.


Danny said...
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Danny said...

Haha ... Poor sheep though... : (

few years back we had cows who use to snack on our Palms o_0"

Mom = FLipped Out lol

Mario said...

Since being to your home i'm now able to know exactly where i'm looking. I love chefette and kentucky but i don't eat them too often since there is always something at home i can have instead.