Sunday, November 16, 2008

Poetic Me

So today I went to a conference: Continuing Medical Education Conference and spent a good 6 hours there. It was just a series of lectures about varying topics. Most of them were fairly interesting, a couple of them lost my attention and my thoughts drifted and I ended up thinking about how I hadn't written a poem in awhile (since the beginning of April).

I quite miss doing those. It has a relatively relaxing effect on my mind when it comes to some rather emotional issues in my life and since I've been feeling a little emotionally unstable lately I thought I'd write something. I don't think they're that great, I'm very sure I've written much better. But my excuses are that I haven't written anything in ages so I'm rusty with the writing and I've been mentally tortured in the past 2-3 months so that part of my brain doesn't work so well at the moment ^_^


You're My Happiness

Everyday I think of you
In everything I do,
Everything I say.
All my habits
Remind me of you.
Our friendship is my happiness.
Your happiness is my happiness.
Over time,
I know you won't see me
The same way again.
But I know my heart for you
Will never change.
Our history is clear.
Our memories are unforgettable.
I'll love you forever.
And I'll never forget about us.
Will you?



I watch on as the flaky white snow
Falls lightly to the ground.
I watch on as it builds up slowly.
Such wonderful cold weather.
I'm all wrapped up
With my mug of coffee
Doing what I can to keep warm
And I can't help the way
My thoughts drift to you.
Wishing you were here with me
To keep my company
To keep my warm.
I sip my coffee
And stare blankly out the window.
Just thinking of you
Make me feel just a little bit warmer.



Neisha said...

OoOo...i love the poems, especially "Warmth"...kinda takes you to a far away place (lol getting a little deep there)...i guess u could say that i like things that require some thought or take you to that "place"....keep writing though. I stopped for a while, i think i need to get back into it....rly stress relieving (writing is)

Mario said...

i like Warmth more as well...makes me think about actually being in a relationship where true love exists. No image crap or keeping up appearances or lies and deception. -tear falls- :)you always were good.