Saturday, November 22, 2008

One of those awesome-great days

I got a new bed yesterday! It's so awesome...and huge! My room feels a whee bit smaller cuz of it but that's ok cuz I love it anyways =D My mom also decided to go change my curtains while she was at it lol. It's a queen size! I's so big for such a tiny person such as myself but I like to sleep with the comfort of knowing that it's unlikely for me to fall off =P We also decided to get a new frame as well and it looks really great. Yes, that's right, I like neutral colours. Nice though isn't it?

I also got 2 new bookshelves! My other ones are a bit small and they were filling up and stuff so I got some new ones and replaced the old ones. They look nice...the only thing is that it doesn't go with anything else in the room.The shelves are such a wonderfully dark brown while everything else...isn't. So yea, that's before I packed it with books of course. And the other bookshelf is somewhere else in the room. Ohh I'm gonna have to move that picture behind the shelf...almost forgot.

Finals are in two weeks and I've hardly started studying! I'm such a delinquent...really I am. But, instead of studying, I'll be going to my friend's house to play Rock Band! Well...I'm carring some work with me as well incase I can manage a little study time in there somewhere. But omg! FUN! Hahaha. I can't possibly stress enough how much I'm lacking in that for the past 2.5 months.

Oh! And my laptop's speakers are working like normal again! The sound they were giving off had diminished by like...5/8...and I had to turn it all the way up to hear anything...sometimes I just had to use headphones to make life simpler. But this morning, they just randomly came back to life! I'd like to think that I have a self-healing laptop xD Two years ago, a little child decided that he'd pour fruit punch on my laptop keyboard (and of course, everything that works the laptop is under there) but it was like a miracle! Nothing happened at all, except that the keys were sticky for awhile and I learnt a new feature of the laptop! The only thing that doesn't work anymore is the CD burner =( but oh well, I'll get a new one next year!


Danny said...

Self Regenerating laptop ... I'd love one of those <.<

ooo Wheres your lil stuff animals that where on your bed? Um.. Boo? and Moo? erm .. the bunny!

And yes the colors are nice ^^

Anonymous said...

You do have a nice house. I like my single bed since it makes me feel like a real bachelor.