Friday, November 14, 2008


I couldn't be happier to see the week end! I'll be even happier when the semester ends...which I believe will be Dec 12th =) Although, recently, I've been having a slight fear of one of my tests being on Dec 1st, the day I'm returning from New York. I remember our lecturer telling us that it'll be the 2nd but when we got our exam timetable it said the I'm all worried =|

Other than that I had a fairly fun and unproductive day! A few friends and I watched Casino Royale today in anticipation for tomorrow! We'll be going to watch Quantum of Solace at the Drive In and I sooo can't wait! For the first time during the semester, I get to lime with all of my friends and just have some fun! Old friends and new friends, joy! =D

I was surprised to learn that Quantum of Solace was coming out here before America. Huge shocker really since we usually get movies like 2-3 weeks (or up to 1 month) after they're released in the U.S. unless they're big movies. Like, Spiderman 3 and I had heard that Pirates of the Caribbean 3 came out at the same time (I wouldn't know since I was in England that month). Usually the Drive In shows 2 movies a night (unless the 1st movie is really long) but this time it's just Quantum of Solace and it's not even that long. A friend of mine came up with the theory that the people must've spent a good set to get it here so quick...even before the U.S., so I guess that made some amount of sense.

Ah! I haven't really gone out and had fun in so long that I'm so excited, I could jump up and down all day! Tomorrow I'm planning to go do a little shopping with a friend so that'll keep my mind off the movie for a bit! Which reminds me...I wonder if I'll need to fill up on gas tomorrow hmmm...Fuel and cooking gas prices went down! So happy!

I went to pick up my Associate Degree today. The lady who was dealing with me told me the most interesting thing. I apparently "look like a doctor". I think she's the second person to tell me so. The first person was a rep from St. George's University when I went to the College Fair a couple of years ago. Interesting no?

The week that I wanted to end quickly really did..for once. Usually when I want something like that to happen its like time slows down for spite or something haha.

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Mario said...

I am convinced that time slows down on some days and speeds up on others. Nothing will sway my mind from this. I'm not a big fan of James Bond but his character has been around for a quite a while, which is an achievement of some sort to the person who would have created him.