Monday, November 17, 2008

Looking Ahead

So, I found out that my friend of 7 years had no idea I wrote poems! So I showed him the ones I wrote yesterday and the some others that I had before and he thought they were all good. Made me feel a little better about them, but I still don't think they're that great. So, my goal is to improve my writing skills!

Just less than a month before the semester is over and I'll be on Christmas holiday! I can't wait! Exams start in 2.5 weeks (boo!) and I haven't started studying for them yet. Gosh I'm so ashamed of myself. Lots of work coming at us in the next two weeks! Hopefully I'll know enough stuff to do really well on the exam. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

I've got a general idea of what I wanna be doing during my vacation. The plan is to pack it full of stuff that I normally can't do during the semester, including: reading, going out (lots hopefully), studying (have to keep up with the work!). I wanna give Twilight a read, since I've been hearing so much about it, I can't help my curiosity. If I like it, which I might, then I'll go on to read the others. And I've been missing my friends so much! I don't see or talk to them's like I'm at a university overseas and we all attend the same one! *sigh* So I can't wait for that =D

I'm just looking for the days to go by quickly. And hopefully time could slow down during vacation. Haha. How likely is that?

Oh and...a new complaint for today! Our Director of Medical Education was telling us that she ordered the books for next semester early so we wouldn't have book problems like we did earlier in this semester. That was all fine and dandy until somebody asked her if it was possible to get the required booklist so that they could get it overseas/online cheaper. And that blew up into this one big disagreement and she didn't even try to be a little flexible about it! She was saying she either orders them or she doesn't...but the bookshop sells books quite expensively and some people can get them for cheaper without a problem so they'd wanna do that. But at the same time not everybody can purchase them online or anything so they'd have to depend on the bookshop. But Dr. Director was going on about how she can't do half and's either or. THEN she went on to insult us saying "You guys aren't business students, you're medical students so let me handle this"

Unbelievable! She practically said that we have no knowledge of anything except medicine. Stupid. As if we don't have common sense to do basic profit and loss! Hmph!

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Mario said...

omgosh!!!! that is a first!!!! i tend to make those jokes at my close friend Kiry. i tell her she knows nuthin about science when i baffle her with symbolic equations from chem and physics with some theory or engage in biological banter. She has begun to do the same with me now with her business studies but i still do understand a bit more of her business than she does my science. MEH!!