Friday, November 7, 2008

Such is Life

Independence day is on November 30th! I think there was a lighting ceremony in Bridgetown on the 1st of this month or so. During the month of November places around Barbados has up lights and stuff in celebration. Some of them are rather boring and plain and others...are still plain, but more interesting. They decorate the roundabouts along the highway. They've hung up some lights on some of the buildings in town...nothing special just a little yellow and blue. Kinda boring.
Also...the week is over! The week that usually holds all the hard tests! Wasn't a bad week after all actually =] Two more tests next week...with lots of work encompassed so, wish me luck with those! It's like another week like this one but with only 2 tests that are..back to back *sigh*

Back to the books!

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Mario said...

good luck!!!!